OOIDA President Blows CNN Anchor’s Mind Discussing Causes of Supply Chain Woes

Kansas City, MO – A recent interview with a trucking industry expert left a mainstream news media anchor with a newfound respect for truckers.

Todd Spencer, president of the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), appeared on CNN over the weekend to discuss the ongoing supply chain crisis.


Spencer quickly took CNN anchor Fredericka Whitfield to task after she referred to a Moody’s Analytics report which suggested the “weakest link” in America’s supply chain is a “shortage of truck drivers.”

“I’ve been in trucking for decades and I’ve pretty much heard that song and dance the entire time,” Spencer said before explaining that approximately 400,000 commercial driver licenses are “handed out” each year. “They (truckers) burn out real quick [because] the personal sacrifices are great and the economic rewards just aren’t there for lots. Turnover is not a shortage. Actually, that’s a surplus.”

“Hmm, okay. So, you say there are qualified drivers out there to get the merchandise moving?” she replied before questing Spencer further about why dozens of cargo ships are sitting at California ports waiting to unload.


“We’re hearing they don’t have enough truck drivers so that when all this stuff is offloaded onto trucks it can then be dispensed across the country. Am I hearing this right?” Whitfield wondered.

Spencer described the situation at the ports as “complicated.”

“Obviously there are backups and congestion at the ports because of demand and disruptions in supply… but what drivers all across the country tell us is they can’t get loaded and unloaded. They have extensive wait times on both ends and if you don’t know when you’ll get loaded and unloaded you can’t plan your next move. Oftentimes the people who are actually going to do the loading and unloading have no direct communication with truckers. It’s just a mess,” he commented.

“Oh my gosh,” Whitfield responded with a look of surprise followed by bewilderment.


She then asked what truckers “need and want” in order to help alleviate the freight bottlenecks.

“They need to be assured they can get in and out of loading and unloading facilities in some kind of timely fashion. Right now, for too many, that’s simply a crapshoot,” Spencer replied.

Further, he explained it is “common” for truckers to wait hours and hours to load or unload.

“It’s a hard job. I think most of us knew that but you helped paint an even more vivid picture. It’s even harder than many of us even thought,” Whitfield acknowledged.

WATCH the entire interview below.

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