OOIDA Warns President Trump Many Truckers Could Soon Go Home Amid Pandemic

Washington D.C. – A trucking group sent an urgent letter to President Donald Trump on Friday warning him that many drivers could soon choose to go home to stay amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter sent by the Owner Operator Independent Driver’s Association (OOIDA), Todd Spencer, OOIDA’s president and CEO, urged President Trump to take “immediate action” to safeguard America’s supply chain, and most importantly, the health and safety of the nation’s truck drivers.

“Every day they are exposed to COVID-19 because of the critical service they provide for all of us,” Spencer wrote. “They run in and out of the hot zones and without question they are exposed.”


Spencer joined with a growing number of truckers who are demanding coronavirus tests be more readily made available to truck drivers.

“Access to testing must be available where they are, particularly on busy truck routes. And testing must show results in hours, not days,” Spencer said.

So far, testing has not been made available at truck stops.


In addition, Spencer addressed the concerns many truckers share about what will happen to them if they do fall ill while over the road.

“Along with that we need a strategy for treatment or quarantine that could take place at nearby motels,” Spencer urged.


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Further, Spencer warned if “a plan” is not put in place to protect truckers, the supply chain could greatly suffer.

“Once word spreads that drivers are testing positive, we could very well see a tremendous reduction in drivers willing to risk everything for the rest of us.”


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) is already receiving reports from carriers and individual drivers indicating a growing number of truckers are going home and parking their rigs, unwilling to risk their own safety any longer.

“We need help. Do it,” Spencer implored.

READ the entire letter HERE.



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  1. When are truckers going to be recognized as more than essential? I’m an O/O of 51 years. I’m sick and tired of hearing of restaurants closing their drive up windows to drivers that walk up to the window. McDonald’s is the biggest violator of this. Oh sure the driver can use his or hers smartphone and order food but not every driver has a smartphone. I commend those people who go out to the rest areas and give drivers food.
    I know the difficulty of getting a shower is a major problem. I do have a recommendation that might help in a small way to help feel refreshed. Of all the items that I have seen I have not seen any shortage of adult wipes. These are a moderately easy way to feel clean and help do away with body odor.


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