Oregon Cracks Down on Diesel Engines With Adoption of ‘Clean Trucks Rule’

Salem, OR — Oregon state officials are cracking down on diesel engines with new rules promising to “reduce pollution.”

On Wednesday, the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission adopted a new “Clean Trucks Rule” which requires manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty vehicles to sell a certain percentage of zero emissions electric vehicles starting with the 2025 model year.


The new rule requires that 30% of semi trucks sold in Oregon must be zero-emission electric vehicles by 2030.

By 2035, the minimum sales requirement jumps to 40%.

Additionally, officials imposed the Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Omnibus rules (HD Omnibus) which strengthen nitrogen oxides and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emission standards for new truck engines (both diesel and non-diesel engines), in addition to other requirements for these engines.

“Today’s decision is a monumental step forward for cleaner air in Oregon,” says DEQ Director Richard Whitman. “Signaling that Oregon is open for business for zero emissions trucks is an important part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diesel pollution, particularly for communities located near our highways and rail yards.”


Both rules are modeled after similar initiatives in California where diesel emissions regulations are often cited among trucking stakeholders as contributing to the ongoing chaos in the supply chain.

Last year, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) unanimously adopted a first-in-the-world rule, known as the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) Regulation, requiring every new truck sold in California must be zero-emission by 2045.

Oregon later joined a coalition of more than a dozen Democratically-controlled states that signed a memorandum of understanding pledging to ban all sales of new diesel-powered big rigs by 2050.


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