Organizers of D.C. Trucker Protest See Glaring Double Standard… “No Justice for Drivers”

Washington D.C. – Organizers of the historic trucker protest held in Washington D.C. earlier this year see a glaring double standard compared to recent widespread protests, and they are speaking out about it.

Truckers Rick Santiago and Shawn Mcintosh were instrumental in promoting and organizing a MayDay protest in our nation’s capital that lasted three weeks.


A determined group of truckers lined their semi-trucks — numerous of which were adorned with patriotic symbols such as the American flag — along Constitution Avenue near the White House.

Organizers were hoping to attract President Donald Trump’s attention as they sounded their MayDay call in protest to low rates being offered by freight brokers to small business truckers during the COVID-19 recession.

If you follow Transportation Nation Network’s (TNN) reporting, then you know President Trump quickly noticed the truckers and made numerous public statements about the protest.

He even sided with the group, asserting freight brokers were price “gouging” small business truckers.


Eventually, two representatives of the group met with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Jim Mullen, Acting Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The FMCSA was instructed to investigate the broker matter, but little has come from it so far.

The U.S. Department of Justice also launched an investigation into alleged violations of anti-trust law.

That investigation is progressing.

Click HERE to read the latest.


However, Santiago and Mcintosh say, in hindsight, their efforts did not accomplish nearly what they had hoped for.

“We did it right. We made friends with the Metropolitan Police Department,” Santiago said in a Facebook Live video last week. “We made a little bit of noise [but] we were peaceful protesters for three weeks and we got diddly sh-t out of it.”

While Mcintosh doesn’t agree with Santiago on much these days, he does agree with him on this.

“It’s disheartening that we went in there and did it the right way and didn’t get much out of it,” Mcintosh told TNN

The two men say they have watched in recent weeks as major American cities have been embroiled in social unrest following the death of George Floyd.


In too many instances, peaceful protests have devolved into rioting and truckers and big rigs have been targeted.

“I think what they are doing is completely wrong,” Mcintosh commented. “I don’t think any of the two hundred people who were in D.C. would ever do that.”

Growing demands to defund police departments have been met with acquiescence by leaders of cities such as Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; Seattle, WA and counting.

It’s not sitting well with either man, especially Santiago.

“Businesses have been burned. Streets have been painted. People have been killed and these people are getting what they want,” Santiago incredulously said. “We were there protesting because we were broke. We’ve been called ‘heroes’ and the ‘frontline’ of this invisible enemy, meanwhile the real f-ing enemy is out there tearing sh-t up and they get what they want and these truck drivers who supply the country don’t get sh-t.”


Further, we have seen dozens and dozens of demonstrations staged on U.S. interstates and highways likely in violation of the Hobbs Act, which makes it unlawful to impede interstate commerce.

Yet, TNN is unaware of a single instance in which a protester has been charged with such an offense.


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In fact, in many instances, protesters who are arrested by local police are then ultimately not charged with any violation at all.

If truckers were engaging in such behavior, would they be treated in the same manner?

“I think truckers would be treated way differently. They would make an example of us. We would be arrested and thrown in jail,” Mcintosh said with certainty.


Still, if they had to do it over again, neither man says he would use violent tactics or block interstates.

“We are not going to put your family in danger. We wouldn’t stoop to that level no matter what. We are out here for safety,” Mcintosh said.

It has all led Santiago to simply conclude, “There’s no justice for drivers.”

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  1. I agree supposedly when Bush was president he said we don’t make deals with terrorists and now these politicians and big companies like fed ex bank of America are helping the terrorists who vandalize and threaten. I thought president Trump had balls but I guess Obama and Bush had alot more than Trump.


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