Ottawa Mayor Asks Trudeau For 1,800 More Police Officers to ‘Quell Insurrection’

Ottawa, ON — The mayor of Canada’s capital city is asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for nearly 2,000 more police officers to end the historic Freedom Convoy protest.

In a letter sent on Monday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson called the ongoing demonstration against Canada’s COVID-19-related restrictions and mandates an “insurrection.”


“Given the scope and scale of the armada of large trucks that are now occupying our downtown core, we are writing to you today to ask that you work to help the city secure 1,800 officers to quell the insurrection that the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is not able to contain,” Watson said.

The furious mayor detailed his “urgent” request for additional resources saying the OPS requires another 1,000 regular officers, 600 public order officers, 100 investigative officers, 100 civilian staff, and all supporting resources.


He noted OPS is seeking investigators to work on digital, social media and financial forensics.

“We must do everything in our power to take back the streets of Ottawa, and our parliamentary precinct, from the criminal activity and hooliganism that has transpired over the last nine days,” Watson said.

In a radio interview on Monday, OPS Chief Peter Sloly indicated he intends to “turn up the heat” even more if the additional resources are provided.

“The more resources I get, the more heat I will turn up,” he told 580 CFRA radio host Leslie Roberts, vowing “enforcement will increase until we’ve done everything we possibly can to end this.”


Questioned whether Mr. Trudeau should deploy military assets to bring an immediate end to the protest, Chief Sloly said that was a “weighty decision” that comes with “massive risks.”

“All I’ve said is everything has to be on the table even if it is rejected for all the right reasons.”

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