Ottawa Police Begin Seizing Fuel and Arresting Those Transporting Supplies To Truckers

Ottawa, ON — The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has begun seizing fuel and arresting people for transporting supplies to truckers who are continuing to protest in the nation’s capital.

On Sunday evening, OPS ratcheted up its efforts to end the historic protest of the country’s COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions.


OPS said officers arrested multiple people who were discovered transporting fuel and charged them with “aiding and abetting mischief.”

Earlier in the day OPS issued a warning advising the public that anyone found bringing fuel to demonstrators could be subject to such arrests.

OPS also seized fuel and multiple vehicles, a press release stated.

Videos of law enforcement officials conducting the seizures and arrests quickly popped up on social media.


Keith Wilson, attorney for Freedom Convoy organizers, Tweeted one such video.

“Welcome to your new Canada,” he simply stated.

The escalation of enforcement came after an explosive meeting of the OPS Board on Saturday.

For more than an hour and a half multiple city councillors grilled OPS Chief Peter Sloly for not doing more to crack down on the protest.

Councillor Diane Deans, who chairs the OPS Board, smeared protesters as terrorists.

“Our city is under siege,” Deans asserted. “They are terrorizing our residents, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them, and preventing them from leading their lives. This group is a threat to our democracy.”


She then labeled the many thousands of Canadians protesting across the country as insurrectionists.

“What we are seeing is bigger than just a city of Ottawa problem. This is a nationwide insurrection. We need a concrete plan to put an end to this now,” she fumed.

Another member of the OPS Board, Carol Anne Meehan, pleaded with OPS Chief Sloly to step up enforcement.

“We need to be told if there is a concrete plan in place that we can start arresting people,” Meehan urged. “This can’t continue!”


The embattled OPS Chief responded by assuring members he and his colleagues were doing all they could to end the “occupation” including successfully pressuring GoFundMe to kill the Freedom Convoy campaign — which had raised more than C$10 million.

“We’ve been able to shut down the GoFundMe program, but that’s a temporary reprieve because the funds are already moving in different directions,” Chief Sloly said. “We are now going after supply and fuel coming into the area.”


Freedom Convoy spokesperson Benjamin Dichter was asked about the hyperbolic rhetoric and heavy-handed government actions at a press conference on Sunday.

“There was direct interference from the government to cancel this [GoFundMe] campaign and we should all be worried about that in my humble opinion,” he said. “It’s shocking some of the language some of the elected officials in Ottawa have been using. I can’t believe it, but that’s their issue. We’re here just trying to be positive and just waiting for the government.”


Meanwhile, the fuel seizures and arrests do not seem to have dampened the spirits of protesters.

In fact, at a press briefing late Sunday evening, multiple spokespeople indicated the latest actions by the OPS and other governmental leaders has actually improved morale.

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