Outspoken Congresswoman’s ‘Thank You’ to Truckers Lights Up Social Media

Washington D.C. – An outspoken congresswoman recently sent out a “thank you” message to America’s truckers and it’s generating an outpouring of response on social media.

Over the weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Tweeted a special message to truck drivers.


“The most needed jobs in America are truck drivers,” declared the freshman member of the U.S. House of Representatives. “They are the heroes delivering critically needed supplies all over America. Be a truck driver! Thank you truck drivers! God bless truck drivers!”

So far, the Tweet has generated exponentially more likes, comments and retweets than usual as even many of her detractors responded in agreement.


Some truckers were quick to thank Rep. Greene for the shout out.

“Your [sic] welcome,” Preacherman responded. “Been trucking 31 years.”

“I support you ma’am,” wrote Travis Smallwood, a truck driver for J&R Schugel.

Other commenters also took a moment to recognize the important place truckers hold in American life.

One respondent wrote, “My dad has been a driver for my entire life. It’s not as easy as it looks! And I’m proud that my dad keeps America moving!”

“More than half of everything produced in America is transported by truck drivers… without truck drivers the country just stops,” exclaimed another commenter.


While most expressed agreement with Rep. Greene’s appreciation for truckers, some predictably used it as an opportunity to smear her as well as truckers.

“I have to agree with MTG here,” a commenter said. “Truck drivers hold an essential, thankless, and increasingly difficult job within the US workforce. And now she mentions it, having worked with drivers for several yrs, I’d say MTG would make a much better truck driver than congresswoman.”

Another critic chimed in, “If there’s anyone who knows about seedy truck stops & truckers, it’s MTG.”

Despite the petty and politically-motivated personal attacks, the overall response serves as a good reminder that many Americans do recognize the crucial work truckers do every day.

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