Owner Outraged After Hit With Almost $9,000 Bill to Tow Big Rig Stranded in Historic Flood

Detroit, MI – The owner of a Michigan trucking business is accusing a local towing company of “price gouging” after receiving a bill of almost $9,000 following historic flooding in Detroit over the weekend.

Owner of Taylor, MI-based GM Freight, Inc., Adam McCloe, told WDIV4 it was “highway robbery — literally.”


“Over $9,000 to get a truck out that was only towed seven miles is just ridiculous,” McCloe stated.

According to the company, one of its drivers got caught in flood waters on Interstate 94 and Livernois Avenue early Saturday morning.

“He got stuck in traffic, there was nothing he could do,” GM Freight’s operations manager, Brittany Williams, told WDIV4. “Water started rising and by the time he called me, there was a foot of water in his cab.”

The driver thankfully was able to safely escape the truck and dangerous flood waters, but the truck remained stranded on I-94 throughout the weekend.


On Monday, as flood waters started to recede, Goch & Son’s Towing towed the semi off the interstate and to its facility, located at 750 S. Deacon Street in Detroit.

Goch & Son’s then sent an invoice to GM Freight in the amount of $8,740.

In addition to the towing fee of $6,300, the bill included a “swimmers” fee of $2,050, a gate fee of $200, storage fees totaling $150 and an “SOS charge” of $40.

GM Freight was told it would be charged an additional 6% if paying the bill by credit card, according to WDIV4.

“It’s ridiculous!” Williams exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a tow bill that high before.”

In fact, McCloe asserts he could have towed a truck to Grand Rapids — over two hours away — for $800 the following day.

Earlier this week, Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel released a statement saying she was “concerned that bad actors may use the weekend’s flooding to overcharge or scam people who need assistance.”


Nessel said her office is pursuing complaints of price gouging.

GM Freight estimates the insurance claim — in addition to the exorbitant tow bill — will exceed $100,000.

“We’re a fairly small business, so sometimes I feel like when people see a commercial vehicle, you think dollar signs and deep pockets, but that’s not the case,” McCloe stated.

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, GM Freight employs 49 drivers and owns 40 power units.

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