Parked Truck Driver Falls Victim To Violent Pickup Truck Attacker

San Antonio, Texas – Things could have been much worse for a J.B. Hunt truck driver after his tractor-trailer was struck and damaged during a violent argument and shooting in the parking lot of a bar in San Antonio, Texas, over the weekend.

Authorities say security guards at the Villages of Ingram Park shopping center witnessed a 25-year-old woman drive a pickup truck over and then drag 26-year-old Joel Berlanga through the lot during an argument that became violent. The incident happened about 2 a.m. last Saturday morning.

Upon witnessing the vehicular attack, officials say the security officers began firing gun shots at the female driver of the pickup truck striking her in the neck and arm. The woman lost control of the truck and crashed into a parked big rig puncturing a fuel tank which ignited a fire.

Firefighters were called to the scene and were able to quickly extinguish the flames. The truck driver, whose identity was not released, was thankfully uninjured in the fracas.


Berlanga was able to escape from underneath the truck that crushed him. San Antonio Police said that after getting free, Berlanga attempted to run toward the frontage road but collapsed. Both Berlanga and the female driver of the pickup truck, whose identity has not been made known, where immediately transported to a nearby hospital.

Berlanga is reportedly in serious condition and expected to survive. The woman is in critical condition and a prognosis has not yet been released. Police have not yet released the details that led the the confrontation nor have they said if the female might have been acting in self-defense. The investigation is ongoing.


Video shared courtesy of ksat12/YouTube.



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