PARKING: “ALL Truck Drivers” Can Now Park at Indiana Weigh Stations

Indianapolis, IN – As truck parking continues to be at a premium, the Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) recently announced some good news for truckers traveling through Indiana.

According to a social media post, IMTA says the “Indiana State Police (ISP) has opened all Indiana weigh stations to ALL truck drivers for parking 24/7 (except Seymour due to construction on I-65).”

The openings of the weigh stations for parking was done in conjunction with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) historic 50-state hours of service (HOS) waiver issued late last Friday night, IMTA reports.


Further, IMTA notes, “You do not need to be hauling essential goods for the waiver to park.”

ISP says it will permit truck parking, including overnight parking, at the scale houses during the FMCSA’s Emergency Declaration under the following circumstances:

1. Parking does not interfere with the operations of the facility;

2. No littering of any kind;

3. No alcohol or drug consumption on state property;


4. Restroom facilities may not be available;

5. Adherence to any other rules set forth by the facility’s ISP or Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) staff.


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For more on specific scale locations, check out IMTA’s post below.




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