More States Open Parking to Truckers at Scale Houses and Rest Areas

Little Rock, AR – More states are making parking available to truckers at scale houses and opening previously shuttered rest areas.


Let’s begin in Arizona where the Arizona Department of Transportation announced last week it was reopening two rest areas that had been closed for more than a decade in an effort to “support truckers hauling essentials during the current public health situation.”

The locations of these rest areas are:

Parks Rest Area along Interstate 40 west of Flagstaff at mile marker 182
Christensen Rest Area along Interstate 17 south of Flagstaff at mile marker 324



In Missouri, the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) announced on Tuesday it would be making overnight parking available to truckers at scale houses statewide during the national emergency.

MSHP said it is making the change so long as it does not “interfere with operations of the facility.”

Additionally, MSHP noted it would not tolerate any littering or alcohol or drug consumption while on State property.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) closed the indoor facilities at 12 state-run rest areas as of April 5.

However, as Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was the first to report, truckers can continue to park.

Additionally, NHDOT told TNN vending machines with snack food are still available, as well as use of portable toilets.



In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has reopened five more rest stops it previously closed.

You will likely recall the firestorm of criticism hurled at PennDOT when it abruptly closed 30 statewide rest areas last month, before many in the trucking community asked the Trump Administration to get involved.

Following the outcry, PennDOT partially reopened 13 rest areas to allow drivers to park.

However, that did not stem the tide of criticism and PennDOT fully reopened 23 rest areas about a week later and then five more a few days later.


On Monday, PennDOT announced it was reopening five more at the following locations:

• Interstate 70 eastbound in Washington County, 3.5 miles east of Exit 1;
• Interstate 81 northbound in Franklin County, 1 mile north of the Maryland state line;
• Interstate 81 southbound in Susquehanna County, .5 miles south of the New York state line;
• Interstate 90 westbound in Erie County, .5 miles west of the New York state line;
• U.S. 15 southbound in Tioga County, 7 miles south of the New York state line.


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On Tuesday, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (VDMV) announced that truckers will be allowed to park at ten of the State’s rest areas.

A spokesperson for VDMV advises Transportation Nation Network (TNN) it is “offering the use of 246 truck parking spaces at 10 weigh stations across the Commonwealth as rest parking for commercial drivers.”

The spaces are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until at least April 23, 2020.


Here are the locations:

Alberta (I-81, mile marker 22),
Bland (I-77, mile marker 52),
Carson (I-95, mile marker 39),
Dumfries (I-95, mile marker 154),
Middletown (Rt. 11, across from the I-81 weigh station),
New Church (Rt. 13, 2 miles south of the Maryland state line),
Sandston (I-64, mile marker 203),
Stephen City (I-81, mile marker 304),
Suffolk (Rt. 58, 1 mile west of the Chesapeake city line), and
Troutville (I-81, mile marker 149).

TNN will continue to bring you updates on parking so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

Photo courtesy VDMV



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