Petitions Demanding Better Treatment of Truckers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Gain Support

Washington D.C. – Numerous petitions demanding better treatment of truckers launched amid the COVID-19 national emergency are gaining significant support.

The most recently launched petition is asking Americans to insist United States lawmakers provide more support for truckers in response to the ongoing relief truckers are providing America.


“Over the past month, truckers have stepped up for America to ensure the supply chain stays intact during the 2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic,” a new petition launched by the Small Business in Transportation (SBTC) states. “They have done so at great personal effort, sacrifice and risk.”

Despite the fact many Americans are, for the first time, recognizing the outstanding contributions truckers make to our economy and way of life, the SBTC petition argues, “The government could be doing so much more — from providing testing locations that accommodate big rig trucks… to distributing masks… to dealing with mega-brokers who are exploiting independent truckers during this difficult time and causing freight rates to drastically fall.”


The SBTC is calling on Congress to “save truckers” by providing an economic stimulus relief package specifically for small business truckers to keep them afloat during these unprecedented times.

In addition, the petition demands U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Elaine Chao abandon her stated objective to speed deployment of autonomous trucks on U.S. roadways.

“We hereby petition the Secretary of Transportation to stand down on current public policy plans to replace truckers when this crisis is over by ushering in driverless trucks. That is not the way to #ThankATrucker after all truckers have done for America. We believe this planned obsolescence will not only eliminate driver jobs but will endanger the motoring public. We contend you cannot replace human judgment on the road, which is grounded in empathy, with artificial intelligence and autonomous machines,” SBTC states.


Since being launched three days ago, the petition has already racked up nearly 13,000 signatures.

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Petition Demands “Protect Truckers Through COVID-19”

Late last month, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) was the first to report on the petition launched by 16-year trucking veteran Rachelle Tuttle.

Tuttle, who drives team with her husband George, runs out of Michigan into “hot spots” in California and back each week.

“We are not superhuman,” she told TNN. “We are going to get sick too. If I’m positive, he’s going to be too, and then we are going to be off of work at least two weeks.”


She took it on herself to launch a petition.


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As part of the online effort, she asks for an establishment of a hotline for drivers where they can receive guidance on what to do and where to go if they become ill while over-the-road (OTR), 100 percent reimbursement of all expenses for food, supply delivery and lodging for drivers who fall ill while OTR, and sick pay commensurate with their average daily earnings, until such time as they are medically cleared to return to work.

Tuttle’s petition is closing in on 35,000 signatures.

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Petition Demands Help for Small Business Truckers to Pay Truck Loans and Insurance

KeepTruckin’ (KT), a major provider of electronic logging devices (ELDs), launched a petition last week demanding legislation to provide forgiveness to truckers who are unable to pay their truck/trailer loans as well as insurance premiums.

“We ask the Federal Government to provide economic relief that addresses the unique circumstances that trucking companies face and recognizes the essential nature of their work,” KT’s petition states. “This includes basing federal loans on not just payroll, but also fixed cost obligations. And providing forgiveness for truck and trailer lease/loan payments, and insurance costs.”

KT’s petition has picked up more than 17,000 supporters.

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