Pink Wave In Trucking? Arizona DOT Seeing Surge Of Women Wanting To Drive Trucks

Phoenix, Arizona – The shortage of truck drivers and construction workers has led to numerous states around the U.S. to provide tax payer subsidized training for those looking to enter these careers. ABC 15 in Arizona just filed this report about Arizona DOT’s training program and its success so far, specifically with women.

Since ADOT’s program started in 2014 through their On-The-Job-Training Supportive Services, 35% of more than 600 graduates have been women. “We try to make sure that we do quick placement. We get the cash flow for them, so they can start rebuilding their lives,” said On-The-Job-Training Supportive Services Program Manager Corey Foster.

Recruiting women into the trucking and construction profession has been a point of emphasis for programs like these across the country. Many in trucking believe attracting more women into the trucking industry will help relieve the capacity constraints being felt by carriers right now.


Patricia McKinley, a graduate of the program, told ABC 15 “I was always afraid of them [trucks]…but, I’m like, ‘Oh, my goodness! If I can bake a cake as a woman, I can drive this truck.'” McKinley says the only six weeks of training to open up a new career path for her made sense. “It’s a short process to better yourself, so I took advantage of that,” she said.

McKinley believes women have been overlooked for too long. “Women can be more useful in any field if given a chance to participate,” she said. McKinley also tells ABC 15 that she personally recruited some of her girlfriends and they are now enrolled in the program. “They have the funding available for anyone interested in pursuing this field. It’s there for the taking. All you have to do is just want it,” McKinley said.


Video courtesy of ABC 15 Arizona/YouTube.



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