Pizzeria Surprises Truckers With Free Pies to Say “Thank You”

Ft. Wayne, IN – A pizzeria in Ft. Wayne really delivered (no pun intended) for truckers passing through the area on Sunday.

A local Hungry Howie’s restaurant decided to spread some good will — and a lot of good food — to a group of truck drivers after learning of the difficulty some truckers were having finding a hot meal on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding their unique position to be able to serve those in need, the team at Hungry Howie’s jumped into action.


Amy Kintz, the restaurant’s supervisor, told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the restaurant will be doing multiple donations throughout the coronavirus outbreak to different groups of people in need, including truckers.

“We decided on truck drivers because it’s a group of people that a lot of people don’t think about on a regular daily basis when the world is not in a crisis,” Kintz explained. “They’ve always provided for us, spending long hours away from their families, and it’s not an easy job to live in a truck.”

On Sunday, the restaurant hand-delivered 20 hot pies to the Fort Wayne Truck Plaza on West Coliseum in Ft. Wayne.

“Everyone was very welcoming and appreciative,” Kintz recalled.


She told TNN she had seen a lot of social media posts about showing appreciation to truckers, and it felt good to show appreciation with action.

“Making their day really made my day as well,” she said.

Employees at Hungry Howie’s pizzaria in Fort Wayne, IN, showed their appreciation for truckers by surprising them last Sunday with free pies.

On Tuesday, Kintz and the Hungry Howie’s team will be taking pizza to give to a local nursing home to try to boost the mood of the workers and residents during this extremely difficult time.


Hungry Howie’s has over 550 locations in 20 states and is known for their eight mouthwatering crust flavors.

No matter how you slice it, that’s awesome!

Photos courtesy Amy Kintz and Hungry Howie’s



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