Police DashCam Catches Drunk Trucker Swerving “All Over the Place”

Moriarty, NM – Authorities in New Mexico released alarming video of a trucker swerving along Interstate 40 and the events that led to the driver’s arrest.

As first reported by local outlet KRQE, a New Mexico State Police (NMSP) officer recently observed a big rig operating along I-40 and driving erratically.


Police dashcam video shows the tractor-trailer unable to maintain its lane as the officer can be heard saying, “This guy’s all over the place.”

After initiating a traffic stop, the officer asks the truck driver, identified as Yaroslov Pavlyshe, 34, of New York, to step out of the truck for a field sobriety test.

“Have you been drinking any alcohol?” the officer asks.

“No,” responds Pavlyshe.

Police bodycam video shows Pavlyshe unable to follow the officer’s commands and barely even able to stand.


Pavlyshe was arrested and transported to the nearest police station where he was administered a breathalyzer test.

NMSP said the trucker registered a 0.26% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the legal limit for a CDL commercial motor vehicle operator is .04%.

Pavlyshe was subsequently charged with aggravated DWI and failure to maintain a traffic lane.

WATCH the KRQE report with video below.


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  1. A lovely import from Europe… These clowns are everywhere, coming across I-70 yesterday, I thought I was driving in that new reality show, you know the one, the Volvo sponsored Russian/Eastern European YouTube 500. The one where they cut each other off and run over anything and anyone in their path. Hell of a show, blood pressure through the roof, bad enough as it is out here with this Covid BS, and now throw in the imports. A few more years an I can retire. What a shit show out here.

    It used to be the four wheelers out here, now it is the damn truck drivers, or should I say, STEERING WHEEL HOLDERS that barely if even speak any English. And they wonder why 100 truck pileups are the norm out here? See my first paragraph.


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