Police in Small CT Town Issue Warning to Truckers After Surge in Bridge Strikes

Milford, CT – Police in Milford are frustrated with tractor-trailers striking local overpasses, so much so that they are issuing a warning to truckers.

In a social media post last weekend, the Milford Police Department (MPD) says five tractor-trailers hit bridge overpasses last week alone.

The crashes occurred at the Old Gate Lane bridge and the downtown Milford bridge, according to MPD.


“All bridges in Milford have clearly posted signs leading up to the bridge advising of the actual height clearances,” MPD said. “Additionally, roadways leading up to low clearance bridges have flashing lights and signs warning of ‘low bridge ahead.’ Please pay attention to road signs!!”

MPD asked locals to “help spread the word” that if you strike a bridge it is going to cost you a pretty penny.

In fact, it’s going to cost you 220,000 pennies to be exact.


“Hitting a bridge causes delays in road traffic, train delays, and results in a $2,200 fine!,” MPD warned.



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