Police Make Creepy Discovery In Truck Of Trucker Accused Of Kidnapping Female Motorist

UPDATE: More Creepy Discoveries in Case Against Trucker Accused of Kidnapping Female Motorist


Clarksville, Tennessee – According to court records, law enforcement officers made a creepy discovery inside the truck of a trucker charged with especially aggravated assault against a Clarksville, Tennessee woman.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) arrested 62-year-old trucker Roy Michel Nellsch on May 22 and charged him with especially aggravated assault after a “violent interaction” with a female motorist who was out of gas along I-24 that same day.

Investigators say Nellsch came upon the woman near the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.


He stopped his semi and offered to give her a ride to the next exit.

Prosecutors allege that once inside, Nellsch pointed a gun at the woman and forced her into the sleeper of the truck.

That’s when, police say, he handcuffed her and told her he intended to rape her and keep her “for a couple of days.”

The woman fought back and was able to break free from the handcuffs, officials said.

Police then allege Nellsch took out a larger firearm and struck the woman in the head with it.

As the struggle intensified, the woman was able to fight Nellsch off and escape his truck, authorities said.

The woman then alerted police and Nellsch was pulled over along westbound Highway 49 later that day.

Nellsch surrendered without incident and alerted officers that he had two guns inside of his semi-truck, according to court documents.


Coopertown Police Chief Tyler Haley, who made the stop, wanted to confirm the weapons were inside.

According to officials, Chief Haley discovered one loaded weapon, along with blood, in the sleeper and on the dashboard and visor inside the cab.

However, police were soon about to find evidence that could link Nellsch to other crimes.

After towing Nellsch’s truck back to TBI’s crime lab in Nashville, Judge Mark Fishburn signed a search warrant for the truck.

TBI agents then found a large number of bloody women’s underwear inside the cab, according to authorities.

A complete DNA analysis is being performed on the blood-soaked clothing that officials believe could link Nellsch to more crimes.


Nellsch’s court appointed attorney has not yet commented on the discovery.

Nellsch remains in custody at the Montgomery County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Authorities are asking anyone who had an interaction with him, or who may have information that could assist in their ongoing investigation to call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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  1. OMG! glad he’s out of service hopefully forever. I can’t believe how many “old school” drivers are being arrested for major violent crimes! If our image isn’t bad enough without these POS’s


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