Police Officer Under Fire After She Calls Truckers Leading Freedom Convoy ‘True Heroes’

Whitby, ON — A constable is under fire after taking to social media to express her support for truckers leading an unprecedented nationwide convoy.

On Monday, Durham Regional Police (DRPS) Constable Erin Howard posted a video on social media praising truckers for spearheading the Freedom Convoy — a nationwide movement which has grown into a massive protest against COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions.


“I really wanted to give a shout out to all the truckers. I think what you guys are doing is incredible,” Constable Howard said. “You’re fighting for our rights and freedoms and right now it feels like we’re a little bit at war and those rights and freedoms are at stake. So, you guys are honestly true heroes.”

The Constable also said she was “thrilled” to be speaking at the protest in Ottawa this weekend on behalf of Police on Guard (POG).

POG is a group of active and retired police officers which says its mission is to “repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of Emergency measures,” which members believe are unconstitutional.


Opponents of the Freedom Convoy quickly began attacking Howard as an “anti-vaxxer” and demanding she be fired.

On Monday afternoon, DRPS responded to the outrage on social media.

“We were made aware today of a video circulating on social media from one of our uniformed members regarding the Freedom Rally,” DRPS said. “The views expressed in that video do not reflect the views and opinions of DRPS. We are currently looking into this matter.”

It is unclear at this time if DRPS will take any disciplinary action, but this incident further reveals the sharp divide among the two sides within the country’s citizenry.

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Photo: Shae McDonald/Facebook


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