Police Say Escort Who Killed Trucker Roderick Crawford Also Connected To Similar Crime Last Month

Upson County, Georgia – Police have now charged 18-year-old Kierra Willams and 20-year-old Cameron Jones with murder, robbery and kidnapping in connection to the death of 46-year-old truck driver Roderick Crawford.

Police say Williams, who works as an escort, met Crawford online and lured him to a location 15-miles south of his home in Upson County on the evening of Friday, December 28th. This is where Crawford’s phone was last located before it was de-activated.

Investigators believe Williams led Crawford into a trap that saw both Williams and Jones kidnap, rob and eventually murder him. Crawford’s body was found by police behind an Upson County mobile home in the Lincoln Park area of Thomaston at approximately 9 p.m. Thursday night having been shot to death.


Williams And Jones Connected To Crime Spree

Police are now discovering that Williams and Jones, along with another accomplice have been on a crime spree spanning weeks. Williams is connected to another recent murder in the area. Jones, likewise, is connected to a recent armed robbery in Forest Park.

According to police, Williams and a third partner-in-crime, 21-year-old Ashanti Dorsey, are also charged with murdering a man at the Forest Arms apartments on College Street on Dec. 21. Police said the two women carried out a similar crime to Crawford’s murder by using an escort website to lure Mario Edwards, 28, to the apartment before robbing and killing him.

Authorities said Williams, Jones and Dorsey are also being investigated by other law enforcement agencies for additional crimes involving armed robbery, aggravated assault and murder.

The investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected.


Video courtesy of 11Alive/YouTube



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