Police Volunteer Rescues ‘Distracted’ Trucker’s Dog From Gruesome Death

Ashfork, AZ – A quick-thinking volunteer of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) in Arizona prevented the gruesome death of a truck driver’s dog. It happened at Murphy’s Shell Station in Ashfork off of I-40 last Monday. A truck driver had tied his pet to the rear bumper. He apparently forgot the little buddy was there and began to drive away. You will see from this dash cam and store security cam footage that Patrol VIP, Stephen Edgar, did whatever he could to stop the semi.

YCSO spokesperson Dwight Develyn told the DC Courier, “He quickly activated his lights and siren to alert the driver, who stopped and was notified about the dog in tow. A very grateful owner retrieved his pet and expressed deep appreciation for the VIP’s efforts. The driver was simply distracted and headed towards the interstate forgetting to unleash his dog. No charges are being sought,” Develyn said.

This incident serves as a great reminder to all truckers with pets to make sure you check the welfare of your pets before you roll on.

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