Political Pundit Faces Backlash After Using Deadly Fort Worth Pileup in Joke Against Trump

Fort Worth, TX – A national political pundit is facing backlash over a social media post making a joke out of the deadly 133-vehicle pileup in Fort Worth at the expense of former President Donald Trump.

On Friday, barely less than 24 hours following a massive pileup along I-35W in Fort Worth that claimed the lives of six people, ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd used the tragic event as a punchline against Mr. Trump and his impeachment defense counsel.


In a Tweet, Dowd, who is an ardent critic of the former president, posted a picture of the horrific scene with the message, “I saw this picture in the news today. I didn’t read the story. Was this picture one of trumps impeachment defense team presentation?”

The insensitive quip was in reference to the bipartisan and widely panned performance of Bruce Castor, Mr. Trump’s lead defense counsel, during opening statements of this week’s impeachment trial.

However, the political analyst’s failed attempt at humor quickly drew a backlash from commenters.


Among those who seized on Dowd’s Tweet was Jessica O’Donnell, social media editor at The Blaze, a right-leaning news outlet.

A sampling of the comments included:

• “Totally disgusting to use as a joke.”
• “Soulless Schmuck. Could easily have been me, drive through there all the time.”
• “Completely classless… makes me sick.”
• “They just don’t know how to have a normal, every day conversation about something as serious (but not out of ordinary news) as a traffic crash – without uttering the word Trump. They are all addicted to Trump, and can’t quit him.”
• “The Chief Political Analyst at @ABCNews tweeted that? Wow! That is so unprofessional.”

Undeterred by the push back, Dowd responded to one commenter who pointed out, “6 people literally died, Matthew.”

“How many people died at the us capitol?” Dowd fired back.

A few hours later, Dowd unceremoniously deleted the tweet with no explanation or apology.

It is unclear if ABC News will take any disciplinary action against its chief political analyst.


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