Popular Social Media App Bans Truckers Promoting Protests Against Vaccine Mandates

Culver City, CA – A popular social media platform has banned two truckers who have been promoting protests aimed at stopping vaccine mandates.

In a message posted to Twitter on Monday, Jeremy Johnson (a.k.a. The Disrespected Trucker) told followers that TikTok had booted him for “absolutely nothing.”


“I didn’t threaten anybody. I didn’t bully anybody. I didn’t promote violence, but they banned me anyway,” Johnson said. “You know why that is? Because I got 85,000 followers in less than a week because I speak the truth. It’s sad what this country is coming to.”

“TikTok didn’t even give me a warning. They didn’t even give me an appeal process,” Johnson commented.

Johnson, who was part of an historic protest last year in Washington D.C., has been using his three TikTok accounts to get the word out to his 150,000 followers about protests against federal, state and local government entities, as well as corporations, requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment.

Like truckers in Australia who have been protesting draconian lockdowns and increased COVID-related restrictions, many American truckers are now also taking the lead to warn fellow citizens about government and corporate overreach and the consequences that could ensue.


Many truckers, including Johnson, are participating in a shutdown on Tuesday to bring awareness to this emerging civil rights battle.

In an interview with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), Johnson said this growing movement among truckers is not intended to discourage those who may want to take the vaccine, but rather prevent those who are hesitant from being forced to do so or face losing their livelihood.

“This isn’t about anti-vaccination. This is about pro-choice and freedom,” he told TNN.

Further, Johnson indicated he has been spending an hour each day appealing videos about the protests and vaccine mandates which the social media platform flags for rules violations.


However, this time was different.

“TikTok didn’t even give me a warning. They didn’t even give me an appeal process,” he commented.

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Meanwhile, TNN has learned two truckers who participated in a “slow roll” demonstration in the Nashville, TN-area were ticketed for “impeding traffic” on Tuesday.

Trucker Joe Denney told TNN he led an approximately 20-vehicle convoy at 45 mph which resulted in a miles-long traffic backup.

He was pulled over by a state trooper, but it was Lebanon police that actually issued the citations.

“The highway patrolman said, ‘Keep standing for what you believe in,'” Denney recounted. “Even the police officer who wrote the ticket said the same thing.”


Denney is also no stranger to trucking-related protests, but explained today’s demonstration was much bigger than just trucking.

“This was using the trucking industry to bring awareness to our constitutional rights,” he stated.

Moreover, Denney says he was temporarily banned by TikTok on Monday after a recent video regarding vaccine mandate protests went viral racking up more than 650,000 views and prompting 10,000 comments.

As for Johnson, he summed it up this way:

“Censorship is real folks! If we don’t all start standing up against this, we’re in deep trouble.”

TransportationNation.com will continue to follow this story.

Photo courtesy Thomas May/Facebook

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