President Biden Doubles Down on Bogus Claim to Sell His Infrastructure Plan

Lake Charles, LA – The Biden Administration continues to mislead Americans in pursuit of winning support for a $2+ trillion infrastructure spending plan.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden was in Lake Charles, LA to sell his massive infrastructure proposal called the “American Jobs Plan.”

“The American Jobs Plan is a blue collar blueprint to rebuild America,” the President told state and local leaders. “The American Jobs Plan is going to modernize 20,000 miles of highways and roads. It will fix the nation’s ten most economically significant bridges that requires replacement [and] repairs 10,000 bridges that desperately need to be upgraded.”


During his 30-minute address, President Biden doubled down on the glaringly false claim that his plan will create 16 million new jobs.

“All the economists including the liberal as well as the conservative think tanks point out that if we pass this jobs plan we’ll create up to 16 million good paying jobs,” Mr. Biden stated.

The assertion appeared to be a reference to a study conducted by economic research firm Moody’s Analytics.

An April 2021 report by Moody’s found the U.S. economy would add roughly 16.3 million jobs through 2030 regardless of whether President Biden’s American Jobs Plan becomes law or not.

Further, the study determined the economy would add roughly 2.7 million more jobs, or about 19 million in total, if the infrastructure plan is implemented.


Just last month, during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, United States Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was taken to task for using the very same bogus claim.

“Why mislead folks?” the host of the cable news show asked Sec. Buttigieg.

“You’re right. I should have been more precise,” Mr. Buttigieg conceded.

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Despite this, the President and members of his administration continue to tout the repeatedly debunked and misleading claim.

It remains unclear why the President continues to use this false information, especially given the fact that infrastructure projects traditionally poll well among voters.


As evidence to this, a new Rasmussen Reports poll shows a majority (53%) of Americans favor implementing the American Jobs Plan despite the fact that only about 20% of the proposed $2.25 trillion would actually be dedicated to projects traditionally considered as infrastructure such as roads, bridges, rail, ports, airports, and wastewater facilities.

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However, public support could take a hit when Americans consider the proposed cost to create each job.

If Moody’s analysis is correct, the jobs created by the American Jobs Plan would come with a whopping price tag of more than $833,000 each.

Stay with as the political battle over the American Jobs Plan unfolds.

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