President Biden Mounts Defense of Vaccine Mandates Amid ‘Mass Firings’

Elk Grove Village, IL – President Joe Biden is mounting an unapologetic defense of vaccine mandates even as thousands of frontline workers are being fired for refusing the COVID-19 shot.

In a speech on Thursday, the President again called on employers to require vaccination of its workforce.

“These requirements work,” Mr. Biden said. “More people are being vaccinated.”


The President argued vaccine mandates are “good for the economy” and enjoy “broad public support” even though many Americans are losing their jobs for failing to comply with employer mandates.

Americans once deemed “essential” by the federal government during the pandemic — such as health care workers, educators and law enforcement personnel — are losing their jobs as a result of these employer mandates.

However, President Biden is urging more employers to issue such mandates and suggested Americans should not focus on those who are being fired.

“When you see headlines and reports of mass firings, and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story,” said Biden, citing United Airlines as a success of required vaccination.


The airline giant mandated its 67,000 employees be vaccinated no later than September 20, or be fired.

Mr. Biden touted that 66,800 United Airlines’ workers complied.

The President called the mandates “tough medicine” while also acknowledging many Americans strongly object to them.

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Major trucking groups have spoken out in opposition to an emergency rule expected in the coming days from the Department of Labor which will require all employers with 100 employees or more to mandate its workers take the COVID shot or be tested weekly.

Fines for businesses which do not comply are reportedly expected to range from $70,000 to $700,000.

The American Trucking Associations has called the expected rule “discriminatory” and is threatening legal action.


More than two dozen state attorneys general are also threatening to sue the Biden Administration over the issue as well.

Transportation Nation Network has also reported extensively about the ongoing deliberations within the White House as the Biden Administration considers mandating vaccination for interstate travel.

As it pertains to cross-country truckers, the enforcement mechanism of such a requirement would likely be placed on employers. will continue to track the issue closely.

WATCH the President’s full remarks below.

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