President Trump Gives Gifts to Truckers Rallying in D.C., Says “I’m With TRUCKERS”

Washington D.C. – After almost three days of rallying in our nation’s capital, the President of the United States is now responding to the small business truckers who have traveled there to voice their concerns.

In a stunning development on Sunday evening, President Donald Trump acknowledged the approximately 100 truckers who have been parked on Constitution Avenue since early Friday morning.

Following a Presidential Town Hall event hosted by Fox News on Sunday night at the Lincoln Memorial, rally-goers once again sounded their horns, as they had done many times during the weekend, in another attempt to get President Trump’s attention.


It clearly did as the President took to Twitter to send them, and all truckers, a message shortly thereafter.

“I’m with the TRUCKERS all the way,” Mr. Trump wrote. “Thanks for the meeting at the White House with my representatives from the Administration. It is all going to work out well!”

In the moments before the President sent the tweet, two staffers made their way out onto the street to deliver gifts to the leaders of the rally on behalf of the President.

Rally organizers Shawn Mcintosh and Jeremy Johnson of the grassroots trucking group, The Disrespected Trucker, received the gifts.

“I’ve got a message from the boss. He said he supports you guys 100 percent,” Mcintosh said one of the President’s aides told them. “He gave me this cool bag with the Presidential seal on it and it was full of hats.”

The hats are branded, “USA Strong” and “Keep America Great.”


Johnson tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the staffers also delivered a straightforward message.

“The President wanted you to know he hears you loud and clear,” Johnson said the group was told.

According to both Johnson and Mcintosh, the staffers asked for a “list of grievances” promising to take it to Mr. Trump.

Johnson says one of the staffers indicated a possible face-to-face meeting, which had been previously discussed with a White House liaison on Friday, was still in the works.

“We are going to work on the meeting,” Johnson claims he was told.

The incident served to fuel even more optimism that the President is now listening to the voices of small business truckers during a very difficult time for many amid the COVID-19 recession.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. I can’t even describe the feeling. We just got the attention of the President of the United States of America,” Johnson exclaimed.


Mcintosh also expressed excitement saying, “That was the real deal.”

New Jersey trucker and fellow rally leader, Rick Santiago, also expressed his gratitude to President Trump for the gesture.

“I take great pride in knowing our MayDay call was heard and our commander in chief has answered,” he stated.

Santiago, whose recent social media videos to expose “exploitative” business practices deployed by big brokers served as a catalyst to motivate a significant number of truckers to join the cause.

On Saturday, TNN reported the President was considering a sit down with rally leaders as their pleas for help intensified.

Read more about Saturday’s events HERE.

While Johnson admits “there was no guarantee” of a meeting made on Sunday, it is clear Mr. Trump is continuing to weigh that possibility.


Johnson and Mcintosh, along with other leaders, are now calling on more truckers to join the rally in the next 24 to 48 hours in hopes of convincing Mr. Trump to hear them out.

“We’ve got trucks coming. We are not going away quietly,” Johnson confidently stated.

Leaders say they simply hope to sit down with President Trump to express what it is really like for those risking their health and well-being helping America through the coronavirus pandemic.

“We just ask for fifteen minutes of his time,” Johnson said.

TNN reached out to the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) on Friday asking for comment from Secretary Elaine Chao about the ongoing rally and the host of other demonstrations held around the country last week.


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A spokesperson with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) responded but declined to address our inquiry directly.

Instead, the Agency directed us to Secretary Chao’s most recent statement thanking truckers.

Read more about her comments HERE.


On Saturday, we once again inquired with the FMCSA for comment on if the Agency would encourage the President to meet with Washington D.C. rally organizers.

We have yet to hear back over the weekend, but will certainly update this story should new information become available.

Stay logged on to for more on this developing story.

Photos courtesy Jeremy Johnson and Scott Jordan



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  1. I believe fuel prices need to be addressed too big truck stops charging thirty to fifty cents higher than the small truck stops. I even saw one store charging a $1.05 higher than gas with crude prices down fuel meds too come down too


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