President Trump Reminds America to #ThankATrucker Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Washington D.C. – The President of the United States is reminding all Americans to express appreciation to truckers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As he so often does, President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to express his thankfulness to truckers for keeping America moving during these turbulent times.


Mr. Trump retweeted a tweet from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) which states, “America’s truckers are on the front lines of our nation’s response to the #COVID19 pandemic. Thank you @realdonaldtrump for highlighting their heroic and vital efforts, delivering food, water, fuel, medicine, medical supplies and other essentials across the USA.”

President Trump added his comment, THANK YOU! and hash tagged “ThankATrucker.”

Regardless of political affiliation or ideology, one thing all Americans should be able to agree on is the tremendous contribution truckers make to ensure everyone has access to essential products for daily living.

As store shelves quickly empty each day, countless men and woman are working long hours behind the scenes to refill them.


In a recent article entitled, 5 Big Questions Being Asked About FMCSA’s Historic 50-State H.O.S. Exemption, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) posed the question:

Is the coronavirus pandemic an opportunity to educate the American public on the importance of the trucking industry?

“Those who work in trucking know well the invaluable contributions made by the industry to our way of life, but is it possible the COVID-19 ‘national emergency’ could greatly impact how millions of Americans view us too,” TNN asked.

In recent days, many national and local news outlets have featured the work the trucking industry is doing and the strain it is placing on those doing it.


Many have expressed confidence that truckers will continue to step up to meet this unique challenge, just like they have so many times before throughout our nation’s history.

Here’s hoping that when we eventually arrive safely to our destination on the other side of this difficult route, the American public will not be so quick to forget who it was that drove our country every mile of the way.



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