President Trump Slams Freight Brokers AGAIN in Explosive New Comments

Washington D.C. – On Monday, President Donald Trump once again offered his take on freight brokers and the truckers protesting in Washington D.C.

It is day 18 for the truckers rallying in our nation’s capital and President Trump, for the fourth time since the protest began on May 1, made mention of them in a public forum.

In a roundtable discussion with restaurant industry leaders hosted at the White House, President Trump sounded off yet again about his belief freight brokers are taking advantage of small business truckers.


In an exchange with Eugene Scalia, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, Mr. Trump urged him to help truckers.

“And Gene, you have to help the truckers also,” the President directed Sec. Scalia. “Okay.”

“We’ve been talking about the truckers Mr. President,” the Secretary said with a chuckle. “I can give you a report.”

“Yeah, because they’ve been out there [on Constitution Avenue near the South Lawn of the White House] and I’ll tell you, they work hard and they have brokers that take a lot of their business away [and] they don’t work so hard. They sit in an office some place. It’s not good, so I’d like to help the truckers,” President Trump clearly expressed.

“Elaine [Chao] and I have been talking about it,” Sec. Scalia said.

“Alright? Good, please,” the President once again urged.


President Trump’s most recent remarks come only days after he irked some truckers by suggesting the protesters were doing so in support of him.

Last Friday, during a press conference from the Rose Garden to announce a new initiative to expedite the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, big rig air horns could be heard sounding prominently in the background.

Truckers slowly convoyed along Constitution Avenue sounding yet another mayday call to the President while other protesters stood in the street holding signs.


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At one point, the horns became so loud President Trump addressed it.

“You hear that outside. That beautiful sound. Those are truckers that are with us all the way,” he said. “They’re protesting in favor of President Trump as opposed to against. There’s hundreds of trucks out there and that’s the sign of love not the sign of your typical protest.”


He continued his remarks, “So, I want to thank our great truckers. They like me and I like them. We’re working on something together.”

Much of the national press corp seized on the President’s comments and, for the first time, covered the ongoing protest.

Meanwhile, according to multiple sources who remain in consistent communication with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), the rally continues to grow as more truckers make their way to D.C. for what has become an historic demonstration. will continue to follow the story closely.

WATCH President Trump’s exchange with Sec. Scalia below.




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