President Trump “Thanks God” for Truckers in Special White House Celebration

Washington D.C. – President Trump hosted an event on Thursday at the White House to honor and thank truckers for their dedication through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As truckers continue to risk their own personal health for the health of the nation, the President of the United States is recognizing those in the trucking community for their “brave” actions.


Speaking from the South Lawn, President Trump praised America’s truckers for the work they are doing during this time of “national crisis.”

“In the war against the virus, the American truckers are the foot soldiers who are really carrying us to victory,” President Trump said. “To every trucker listening over the radio and behind the wheel, I know I speak for 330 million plus Americans and we say, ‘Thank God for truckers!'”

The President was flanked by Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, as well as four truck drivers, who also each offered remarks.

“I’m so pleased to join the President in honoring our heroes, America’s truck drivers and the trucking industry,” Chao said. “The whole country is cheering you on. Without you, it would be impossible to keep our economy moving and get food, medical equipment, and essential supplies to where they need to be.”


Secretary Chao highlighted a list of regulatory relief measures the Department has issued since President Trump declared the coronavirus outbreak a national emergency.

Such measures include the unprecedented 50-state hours of service exemption, as well as extensions for commercial driver’s license (CDL) renewals and easing regulations for CDL examiners and testing.


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The drivers who spoke represented DHL, FedEx Ground, Big G Express and UPS.

President Trump presented each driver a key as a gift of appreciation.

Mr. Trump also presented gifts to Secretary Chao as well as Chris Spear, president of the American Trucking Associations (ATA).


In addition, President Trump used the occasion to once again reiterate his previous calls for a $2 trillion infrastructure package.

Many trucking stakeholders hope a new agreement on infrastructure funding will be struck in the next phase of relief stimulus being negotiated among Congressional leaders.

“We are working very strongly on an infrastructure package. If we can get some Democrat support you are going to have nice roads again,” Mr. Trump promised.

WATCH the entire event below. Video begins at 41:48.



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