President Trump Urges USDOT Secretary Chao to Cut Regulations “Nobody Would Believe”

Washington D.C. – President Donald Trump is urging United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary, Elaine Chao, to cut regulations “nobody would believe.”

On Tuesday, in a meeting with his cabinet members, President Trump signed an Executive Order giving broad authority to each Department head to slash regulations that could impede economic recovery.

“We are fighting for the livelihoods of American workers and we must continue to cut through every piece of red tape that stands in our way,” Mr. Trump said. “With millions of Americans forced out of work by the virus its more important than ever to remove burdens that destroy American jobs.”


The President expressed he was instructing federal agencies to use “any and all authority to waive, suspend and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery.”

He directed specific comments to Secretary Chao.

“Elaine, you can do things that nobody would believe in your Department, the Department of Transportation,” Mr. Trump said.

It is unclear what specific Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) President Trump might be referring to.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) has reached out to the White House for more clarification on the President’s statement.

However, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the USDOT has already taken a series of unprecedented actions to provide regulatory relief to commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators such as its 50-state hours of service (HOS) exemption for carriers engaged in direct relief efforts.


Last week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rolled out its new final rule on HOS which contains four key changes to existing regulations designed to provide additional flexibility for drivers and carriers.

Read more about HOS changes HERE.

In addition, President Trump urged each cabinet member to “review the hundreds of regulations we’ve suspended in response to the virus and make these suspensions permanent where possible.”


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While it is highly unlikely the USDOT would continue its suspension of HOS rules beyond the national emergency, other relief measures such as its waiver of certain requirements for third party commercial driver’s license (CDL) examiners and the easing of commercial learner’s permit (CLP) testing rules could be made permanent.


As for the FMCSA’s new HOS final rule, it is expected to take effect 120 days after it is published into the Federal Register.

As of Tuesday, it has yet to be published, but is expected to be so this week.



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