Prosecution Demands Sanctions Against I-70 Crash Lawyer For Recent Comments

Denver, CO – Prosecutors are crying foul after the lawyer representing the trucker facing dozens of felony charges stemming from the deadly crash along I-70 in April offered to meet with victims’ family members earlier this week.

Denver-based lawyer Robert Corry, who is representing Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos in defense of at least 32 felony charges, including 4 counts of vehicular homicide, drew the ire of prosecutors on Tuesday.

During the scheduled arraignment hearing, Corry requested (and was granted) a delay in the arraignment for Aguilera-Mederos, but it was what he did after the hearing that has prosecutors fuming.


Following the hearing, Corry met with members of the media outside of the courtroom and made a startling offer.

Corry said Aguilera-Mederos welcomed the opportunity to meet with family members of the victims of the deadly crash as a way to help them find “closure.”

He stipulated that such a meeting would be “completely voluntary” on the part of the victims’ families.

“We can’t bring their loved ones back, but we hope to provide answers,” Corry said during the press conference.

On Thursday afternoon, prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge to sanction Corry for his comments.

According to court records, prosecutors argued Corry’s comments constituted “attempts to influence the hearts and minds of potential Jefferson County jurors through the media.”


The motion asks for a hearing to be held later this month for the purpose of determining whether sanctions will be brought against Corry.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) spoke to the President of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Jay Tiftickjian, to get his reaction to Corry’s offer.

“This is a common strategy, but out of respect for the families of the deceased and those injured in the crash, it is done quietly and not through the media,” Tiftickjian said.


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Tiftickjian explained that under Colorado’s Victim’s Rights Act, “a discussion has to be had with a victim or their families in crimes that are designated to fall under this law.”


Further, Tiftickjian analyzed, “What the defense is hoping for is that the families of the alleged victims will push the District Attorney (DA) to see the case in a new light, and be more reasonable with potential dispositions before a trial.”

This week’s developments are only the latest unusual turns in what has become one of the most high-profile court cases in the nation.

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