Protest on Colorado Interstate Erupts Into Gunfire and Chaos

UPDATE: Charges “Being Discussed” For Driver Who Drove Through I-225 Protest, Shooter Identified

Aurora, CO – Hundreds of protesters shut down a stretch of Interstate 225 on Saturday night leading to a chaotic scene resulting in gunfire and multiple injuries.

Protesters seeking the arrest and prosecution of Aurora police officers in the death of Elijah McClain last August, gathered on Saturday night at the Aurora Police Department (APD).


At 6:17 p.m. GMT, the APD issued a traffic alert notifying drivers the protesters had marched out onto East Alameda Parkway and were blocking all westbound lanes.

The group then continued on eventually making their way to I-225 at approximately 6:34 p.m.

The APD again issued a warning but this time to drivers on I-225.

The protesters quickly shut down the northbound lanes and the Colorado Department of Transportation (DOT) scrambled to close the southbound lanes.

“Use alternate routes to avoid delays,” an APD Tweet stated.


However, video from the scene reveals dozens of vehicles in the southbound lanes were stopped by the protesters leading to escalation in tension.

Moments later a blue Jeep drove through the crowd.

A protester opened fire on the vehicle striking the front left tire, but the Jeep continued on.

In addition to striking the vehicle, the unidentified protester also struck two protesters with gunfire.


One was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and the other arrived to the hospital a short time later suffering from what was described as a graze wound.

The Jeep was later stopped by Aurora police and towed.

It is not clear what led to the driver of the Jeep deciding to drive through the crowd.

It is also unknown if the driver was arrested or if the protester who fired the shots has been identified and arrested.

APD says it is investigating the incident and is asking for witnesses to come forward to describe what they saw.

The interstate was reopened at approximately 7:40 p.m.


However, following the shooting, the protest then quickly devolved into more violence and chaos.

APD reported protesters then blocked multiple streets in the downtown area near the the APD headquarters and the Aurora Municipal Center (AMC)

The APD headquarters and the nearby courthouse were vandalized as protesters shot illegal fireworks at officers during the course of what APD declared to be an “unlawful assembly.”

Saturday night’s protest is yet another dangerous demonstration on a U.S. interstate that could have led to disastrous consequences.


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On Friday, a Black Lives Matter group in Rochester, NY planned to shut down “multiple checkpoints” along I-490 during rush hour.

The group cancelled the planned demonstration moments before it was set to begin blaming the Rochester Police Department and the New York State Police for not helping them shut down the interstate.

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Only a handful of elected leaders have publicly expressed the need to stop these types of interstate blockages despite the fact they are in violation of federal law.


Truckers continue to express outrage that national and local leaders aren’t doing more to crackdown on such demonstrations.

In fact, leaders at the U.S. Department of Transportation and Department of Justice have remained largely quiet on the growing problem.

Most trucking industry groups have also been silent on the matter. will continue to track this issue closely.

WATCH more from I-225 below.



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