Protesters Block Interstate in Atlanta After Police Involved Shooting Death of African American

Atlanta, GA – Protesters have shut down a portion of Interstate 75/85 on Saturday night in response to a police involved shooting of an African American Friday in a fast food restaurant parking lot.

Outrage over the death of another African American is gripping the city of Atlanta as protesters are now blocking a portion of I-75/85 (Downtown Connector).

The fury is in response to a deadly incident on Friday night.


According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), police were called to a Wendy’s on University Avenue in Atlanta at approximately 10:30 p.m. after receiving reports that a man was asleep at the wheel in the drive-thru.

GBI says that when officers arrived to the scene they discovered 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks in a suspected inebriated state.

Officers then performed a field sobriety test that Brooks reportedly failed.

The officers then attempted to arrest Brooks when a scuffle ensued.

Video from police body cameras and the restaurant’s surveillance cameras show Brooks wrestling with two officers on the ground before eventually overpowering them.

Brooks appears to take a Taser from one of the officers before getting up and attempting to flee on foot.


Officers then pursue Brooks on foot.

Brooks appears to turn and discharge the Taser at one of the officers.

In response, the officer opens fire killing Brooks.

GBI Director Vic Reynolds spoke about the incident at a press conference on Saturday.

“It does appear in the video that he (Brooks) is fleeing from the Atlanta police officers, and as he’s fleeing, he turns back over his shoulder with, what appears to the naked eye to be this Taser that witnesses told us they saw that belonged to one of the officers and as he turned, one of the Atlanta officers reached down to get his service weapon, and as he gets his weapon, Mr. Brooks turns his body away from him — I presume to flee,” Reynolds said. “It looks like that’s when the discharge happens.”

WATCH the moment of the shooting below

In the aftermath of the shooting, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms made the announcement on Saturday afternoon that Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields has agreed to step down and take another role that is still “to be determined.”

As word of the shooting has spread on Saturday, tensions are once again boiling over and thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Atlanta.


Truckers are urged to avoid the area if possible as this is a fluid situation.

If you must travel through the area, please take extreme caution.


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Since the civil unrest began over the death of George Floyd, we have seen multiple big rigs targeted by rioters and looters in cities such as Minneapolis, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

The shooting death of Brooks could once again ignite violence in cities across America and result in more danger for truckers.

This is a developing story and will continue to monitor new developments as news breaks.



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