Protesters Pull Guns on Pickup Truck Driver They Say Was Trying to Run Them Over

Indianapolis, IN – A Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest staged on multiple roadways in downtown Indianapolis last week nearly turned deadly.

Video from tense moments on Friday afternoon along North Meridian and 12th streets under the Interstate 65 bridge continues to circulate on social media.


The video shows a group of protesters walking in the roadway and blocking traffic when a GMC pickup truck approaches.

Two white males standing in front of the vehicle each pull what appear to be handguns and brandish them to the pickup driver.

Undeterred, the pickup driver, who has not been identified, then attempts to drive through the protest by going around the gunmen.

Protesters then pursue the truck to block its path again while screaming at the driver to turn around.

“C’mon buddy! Don’t be stupid!” one protester can be heard yelling.

The pickup truck driver eventually turns around and drives back in the opposite direction.


Following the incident, the organizers of the protest, Indy10 Black Lives Matter, took to its Facebook page to tell their side of the story.

“The past several months protests [sic] have either been killed or hit by cars, because of this reason we have armed security,” the group said.

Further, the group claims the truck driver “attempted to hit us.”

“Our security was ready, with their guns low on the ground, but did not point it directly at anyone,” the group stated.

Indy10 BLM also claims the men who displayed the weapons are now being “harassed.”

“It’s always a double standard. White racist [sic] are killing and hitting protesters and then get mad when we’re [sic] defend ourselves,” the social media post said.


Members of the group are calling for criminal charges to be filed against the pickup truck driver.

On Monday, a spokesperson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) said the incident is being “actively investigated,” but no charges have been filed.

According to the Indy Star, three motorists who drove into protests staged on Indiana roadways have been charged with recklessness or criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon just in the last two months.


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Late last month, a protest along I-225 in Aurora, CO descended into chaos after the driver of a Jeep drove through protesters.

Investigators say a man identified as 22-year-old Samuel Young opened fire on the Jeep’s driver and struck one protester in the leg while grazing another in the head.


Young was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted homicide.

So far, no charges have been brought against the driver of the Jeep and he has not been identified.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said the driver of the Jeep told investigators he feared for his safety because protesters surrounded his vehicle and began striking it while yelling at him.

Wilson also indicated discussions are ongoing about whether or not to bring charges against the driver.



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  1. Federal as well as state law mandates that blocking interstate commerce is illegal. When they block an interstate (as in the jeep incident in colorado I-225) they’re breaking the law. They are creating a road hazard, and putting others lives in danger. When those punks pulled those guns on that pickup, they were threatening his life. If he would have stepped out and shot them both dead he would have been fully within his rights to do so. They don’t have the right to block traffic for any reason. Their rights end at the sidewalk. Thats what sidewalks are made for, pedestrian traffic.


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