Protesters Shut Down Stretch of I-94 in Minnesota, Two Crashes Reported

St. Paul, MN – Hundreds of protesters shut down a stretch of Interstate 94 in St. Paul on Wednesday night in response to the decision in the highly publicized Breonna Taylor case.

Protests erupted in dozens of cities around the nation on Wednesday after it was learned a Kentucky grand jury did not find sufficient cause to indict three Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) detectives on crimes specifically connected to the shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor earlier this year.


According to local news outlet Fox 9, approximately 400 protesters marched onto I-94 East on Wednesday evening shutting down a stretch of the roadway.

In a scene similar to the near disaster along I-35 earlier this year when trucker Bogdan Vechirko narrowly avoided running over protesters who flooded the roadway in response to George Floyd’s death, authorities again did not prevent the group from pouring onto the interstate.

Instead, officials quickly worked to shut down the east bound lanes along I-94.

The protesters marched along the roadway chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets! Two, four, six, eight, we want justice, no more hate! Hey, hey, ho, ho, these killer cops have got to go!”

The demonstration on I-94 lasted about 30 minutes before protesters then took to other local roadways causing delays, Fox 9 reported.

Two non-injury crashes were reported in the area, though no further information has yet been released.

Transportation Nation Network is working to get more details to determine if a trucker was involved in either reported crash.


Additionally, two protesters were also reportedly arrested, but no further information has been made available at this time.

While social unrest persists across America, protesters continue to stage demonstrations on major interstates, a practice that is both illegal and extremely dangerous.

All truckers are advised to remain on high alert for these spontaneous interstate protests.



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