Public Supports CT Governor’s $200 MILLION Trucks-Only Tolling Plan, New Poll Finds

Hartford, CT – Connecticut lawmakers are locked in a fierce political battle over Governor Ned Lamont’s controversial plan to toll commercial big rigs, and now a new poll is shedding light on where the public stands on the issue.

The partisan political fight over Gov. Lamont’s contentious 10-year, $19.4 billion infrastructure investment plan known as CT2030 is continuing this week.

State Democratic lawmakers continue pushing a truck-only tolling plan projected to raise as much as $200 million for infrastructure improvements.


Under the proposal, the state would construct a “high-speed gantry system” and charge tolls as high as $12.80 for tractor-trailers along a dozen Connecticut highway bridges.

Republicans are strongly opposed to the idea and have put forward a plan of their own.

Last Friday, Gov. Lamont spoke to reporters at the Capitol amid anti-tolling demonstrations.

He indicated Democratic lawmakers were expected to have the votes needed to pass the plan in the state’s General Assembly “very soon.”


In fact, Gov. Lamont expressed optimism lawmakers could call a special session this week to pass the measure.

As of Tuesday no vote has yet been scheduled.


However, a new poll conducted by Sacred Heart University in conjunction with the Hartford Courant reveals a plurality of Connecticut residents support the truck-only tolling plan.

The poll found that 47.5% reported they would “strongly” (19.7%) or “somewhat” (27.8%) support a plan for a truck-only tolling system, while 41.9% of those surveyed “strongly” (25.7%) or “somewhat” (16.2%) opposed the plan.

10.6% of those surveyed were “unsure.”

Support and opposition to the plan broke heavily along party lines.

According to the poll, 62.1% of Democratic residents surveyed “strongly” (30.5%) or “somewhat” (31.6%) support a plan for a truck-only tolling system, compared to only 38.8% of Republican residents surveyed.


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Despite the recent polling, Connecticut’s Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano told reporters on Tuesday that Democrats still don’t have the votes needed to pass the plan.

“They need to stop pretending they can pull a deal off because they can’t,” Fasano said.


The actual bill has yet to be made public though the Hartford Courant reported over the weekend it had obtained a draft.

Click HERE to read more about the details of that draft.

After a weekend of closed-door negotiations among Democratic lawmakers, Fasano says there is still no final bill.

“I think they’re further apart and not closer together,” he said.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow this developing story.



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Comment (2)

  1. A truck only toll is bull.. if you are going to implement a toll system, you make everyone pay.. not just trucks.. this is a very good way of getting your state black listed by truckers.. I can tell you that I wont be paying an illegal toll ( tax ) for driving through this state..

  2. I feel it’s very unfair to charge just the truckers to use these bridges/roads so I think everyone should have to pay a toll and the tolls also need to be fair. It’s unjust to charge just the trucks when we are delivering the goods ppl in your state want/need, we are sent here as part of the job we do. We work for a living our jobs are unlike many others it’s grueling out here and the yet more things like this just keep getting piled on us and the pay doesn’t go up and things just keep getting worse. We deal with enough and we already don’t earn enough to work and live the way we have to out here to do this job it used to be a lot better out here, times really have changed and it’s sad that so many driver freedoms are already being infringed upon this is just one more. It won’t be long until only low paid company ppl will be out here doing this job and the pay will be so bad real drivers won’t want to do the work. I am a third generation driver and I’ve watched the changes happen through my grandad and my dad now myself and I now have a son driving so now a 4th generation. This bothers me greatly to see all this happening and my grandad and dad would just be shaking their heads if they were here to see this. Just unbelievable.


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