Real Santa Claus Revealed In This Christmas Song

Little Rock, Arkansas – “How The Truckers Saved Christmas,” from the mind of trucker and singer/songwriter Bill Weaver, is destined to be a generational favorite song in the trucking community.

The song is a fanciful and clever tale about truckers coming to Santa’s rescue after the DOT shuts him down. Santa runs into trouble in Fairbanks, Alaska, which is not coincidentally where Weaver was born.

Santa makes a call to who else but a few trucking friends, and before you know it, one thousand truckers are on a mission to deliver Santa’s load of goodies to the millions of boys and girls around the world. Of course the truckers get the job done and are then each rewarded by Santa with “a thermos of coffee and the keys to a brand new Pete.” Santa even throws in “a set of studded snow tires for driving high upon them roofs,” Weaver writes.

After Santa’s “ordeal” with the DOT he didn’t leave them empty handed. Santa filled their stockings with reindeer poop. “I still don’t know how I came up with that,” Weaver said as he laughed during a recent interview with Transportation Nation Network.


Weaver first released the song back in 2013 as an acoustic track, but says he decided to do a full studio cut of it to add to his most recent album “Bull Haulin’.” He admitted he was a bit apprehensive about it at first. “I didn’t know how something with mainstream songs would go with a christmas song,” he said.

He thought he could reach more people with the song by producing a video and re-releasing it during this Christmas season in 2018. However, shooting a music video can be time-consuming and quite expensive, so Weaver had another idea. With the help of friend Tex Crowley, he put out the call on social media for truckers to send him photos of their trucks in “winter scenes.”

Tex then took those photos submitted by real truckers and fans of Weaver and then produced a fun video for the song. Since it’s release in early December Weaver said the video has been viewed almost 100,000 times.

Perhaps the biggest fans of the tune are kids Weaver said. “Little children are loving it. They just think it’s cool with truckers driving on rooftops in big ole heavy trucks.”

In fact, Weaver told us he was recently stopped by a gentleman who was a fan of the song, but got into a bit of hot water with his son. The man told Weaver his son couldn’t stop listening to the song and exclaimed, “I have to explain to my son why I didn’t go help Santa Claus.”


Weaver was also quick to point out that he was “just poking fun” at the DOT and even at truck drivers by slyly referencing the stereotyped “flip-flop” wearing trucker.

Though it is a fantastical story Weaver says the theme is true that truck drivers are the real Santa Claus, and without them, millions of boys and girls would be sad on Christmas day.

We asked Weaver what he was planning to do this Christmas. “Just being with family. Eat good meals. Tells some old stories,” he told us. “Then, take a nap and do it again.”

Sounds like a good plan for all the truckin’ Santas who helped deliver joy this Christmas.

Watch the video below!



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