REPORT: Kenworth to Lay Off ‘At Least’ 350 Workers at Ohio Plant

Chillicothe, OH – Workers at the Kenworth plant in Chillicothe are once again bracing for widespread layoffs.

According to local outlet Scioto Valley Guardian, workers were notified of the layoffs at a plant-wide meeting on Thursday, August 26.


PACCAR has yet to make an official statement on the layoffs, but employees told the Guardian it “will impact anyone hired since April 2020,” and will go into effect on Friday, September 10.

The layoffs will affect “at least” 350 people.

The plant employs approximately 1,600 people and is the second largest employer in Ross County, OH.


According to The Scioto Post, “over a thousand” manufactured Kenworth trucks — “some with weeds growing through them” — are currently sitting idle at the Ross County Fairgrounds and at the plant.

The trucks are not deemed road-worthy, as they lack a semiconductor microchip.

The wide-spread chip shortage is reportedly due to overseas manufacturers who “pivoted toward consumer electronics” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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