Reporter Claims Truck Stop Refused Service to Truckers in People’s Convoy, TA-Petro Responds

Kingman, AZ — A truck stop giant was forced this week to address claims one of its locations refused service to truckers in The People’s Convoy.

The cross-country protest of America’s COVID-19-related mandates and governmental emergency powers kicked off on Wednesday, but not without a bit of controversy.


As truckers in the convoy traveled along Interstate 40 out of California, some drivers reportedly stopped at a Petro Stopping Center located at 970 South Blake Ranch Road in Kingman, AZ.

Shortly thereafter, Tracy Beanz, editor-in-chief of online outlet UncoverDC, reported truckers in the convoy were being turned away.


“The Petro chain of gas stations has DENIED ALL SERVICE including gas, restrooms, food to any truck or car involved in the convoy,” Beanz posted on Gettr.

The report by Beanz, who is embedded with the convoy, set off a flurry of social media outrage aimed at Travel Centers of America (TA-Petro).


Beanz later posted a message stating, “Petro has changed their minds – is now allowing trucks to refuel. Pat yourselves on the back.”

In a ride along video recorded the following day, trucker Ron Coleman told UncoverDC that members of the demonstration were told by individuals at that Petro location they were “not going to render service to anyone that supported the convoy.”

“That really angered me,” he said. “About an hour and a half later I started receiving text messages that corporate was getting involved with this and it had nothing to do with them.”


Coleman explained that the Petro is a franchise location, not a corporate store, and that an investigation by corporate officials was underway.

In a statement to Transportation Nation Network (TNN), a TA-Petro spokesperson called the claims the store refused service “unequivocally false.”

“TA-Petro is and has always been proud to serve all professional drivers and remains committed to our mission and belief that we can return every traveler to the road better than they came,” Tina Arundel, senior director of communication, told TNN.

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An employee at the location, who spoke to TNN on the condition of anonymity, also vehemently denied claims the store refused to provide services.

“I don’t know how that rumor got started,” the employee said.

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