Reports of Fuel Outages Begin in Wake of Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

Lancaster, SC – Reports of fuel outages are already beginning in the wake of a cyberattack which forced the largest U.S. refined products pipeline operator to shut down.

The Colonial Pipeline, a network spanning more than 5,500-miles (8,850 km) from Texas to New Jersey, was shut down last Friday after it was allegedly hacked via a ransomware attack by a professional cybercriminal group known as “DarkSide.”


The critical pipeline system delivers more than 100 million gallons per day of gasoline, diesel and other fuel products to consumers in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern U.S.

According to a Bloomberg News report, Colonial’s Chief Executive Officer Joseph Blount “warned state officials in a private meeting Monday that supply shortages could occur even as it plans to reopen the line later this week.”

Deputy U.S. Energy Secretary David Turk was also reportedly a part of the 18-minute virtual meeting as the Biden Administration is grappling with how to deal with what could quickly escalate into a fuel shortage crisis.


By late Monday evening, reports of fueling stations running low or even being out of gasoline began to emerge on social media.

Greg Suskind, a reporter for Eyewitness News 9 in South Carolina, Tweeted that he was able “to get the very last tank of gas at Murphy Express on Hwy 161” in Lancaster.

An employee of that Murphy Express store told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) all of its remaining fuel (300 gallons at the time) would soon be gone as its scheduled fuel delivery was five hours late and counting.

“We don’t know when to expect it,” the employee stated.


Podcast host and writer Katie Herzog Tweeted to her almost 70,000 followers warning of “insane gas shortages in North Carolina.”

“Literally no gas in Asheville and I’m sure other places…” Herzog said.

First-hand accounts of gas shortages were also reported in Florida and Georgia.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued an emergency suspension of hours of service regulations for fuel haulers providing direct relief to 17 states and the District of Columbia.


As of late Monday evening, none of the major truck stop chains had provided any information regarding the availability of gas or diesel at locations in the affected states.

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