Results of Surprise Hours of Service Enforcement Blitz Stirs Strong Reactions

Troup County, GA – Georgia Department of Public Safety (GaDPS) officials conducted an unannounced commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspection blitz this week and the results got people talking.

On Wednesday, GaDPS took to social media to reveal the results of an enforcement effort held on Tuesday in Troup County.


The inspection blitz, conducted by the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) Region 5, was for the purpose of cracking down on hours of service (HOS) violators.

“Officers performed 34 inspections, and discovered 34 HOS violations, and placed three drivers out of service,” GaDPS reported. “Great job Region 5!”

As is often the case, the GaDPS created a bit of a stir from commenters both confused and frustrated with the lack of further clarification.

“What type of violations were you finding?” Matt Rham asked. “Please educate us instead of just violations and money.”


Joseph Gray wanted to know, “So literally every truck you inspected was in violation?? 34 out of 34?”

“You make it sound like every driver had a violation which would be a blatant lie,” Thomas Mitchell pushed back. “Why not tell us how many passed without violations? Or is it even possible to pass without violations in your peachy state?”

George Barry wondered if there weren’t better things to be focused on right now.

“In a pandemic this week is what y’all doing,” he said.

“Revenue, it’s all about revenue,” Danny Garrison asserted.

William Brandon fired back.

“I don’t understand why people are complaining on here,” he said. “You want them [to] not be enforced so when a driver [is] driving 15 hours tired falls asleep and kills your family?”


Jeff Dickerson seemed to be amused by the whole discussion and directed his derision at truckers.

“It’s funny watching these truckers have a melt down on here every single post that the GSP puts out,” Dickerson chided. “Ya’ll have to be the biggest snowflakes around.”

Despite the questions and confusion, GaDPS has not provided any further details about the enforcement operation.



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