“Revolution Of Trucking” Begins With “Slow Roll” Says Founder Of Black Smoke Matters

Effingham, Illinois – More than 40 truckers participated in a “slow roll” along I-57 on Sunday from Marion to Effingham, Illinois, as part of a protest organized by the group Black Smoke Matters (BSM).

Truckers from around the area met together at a Pilot Truck Stop in Marion and began their 50-miles-per-hour slow roll northbound on I-57 at approximately 11 a.m. As the convoy headed north, other truckers joined in along the snowy 100-mile route.

“Enough is enough. I promise you this is the start of the revolution of trucking right here.” – Joe Denney, Founder of Black Smoke Matters

“Enough is enough,” Joe Denney, founder of Black Smoke Matters, said in a Facebook Live video Sunday morning. “I promise you this is the start of the revolution of trucking right here.”

Trucker Patrick Kerns is a member of BSM and “Stand As One” of Illinois, and helped organize the protest against what he and fellow BSM members believe is the over-regulation of truck drivers. “The government must hear the real truck drivers of the land,” he told Transportation Nation Network in an exclusive statement Sunday night.


Kerns said he was pleased with the turnout and echoed BSM leadership’s wishes to keep all events free from violence. “We wish for it to be peaceful,” Kerns told TNN.

BSM leaders and slow roll organizers coordinated the protest with the Illinois Highway Patrol to make sure motorists were not endangered. – Courtesy of Mikey Dunn

BSM leaders and protest organizers coordinated the slow roll with officials with the Illinois Highway Patrol in an effort to ensure motorists were not endangered. “The Illinois Highway Patrol was very thankful that all went as planned and it was professional,” Kerns said.

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The protest garnered media attention from numerous local and regional TV news outlets and newspapers. “We are letting the government know we’re uniting. We’re going to take our industry back,” Denney confidently said. “We’re fighting for the American people and all of us.”

A member of BSM, Joel Puckett, posted video from the slow roll on Facebook.


Dallas Is Next

BSM’s next organized slow roll is scheduled for February 6, 2019. Drivers are asked to meet at 8 a.m. at a Travel Centers Of America located off of I-20 at 1700 Wilson Rd, Terrell, TX. Denney tells TNN they are anticipating an even bigger turnout. “More will happen in Dallas and other cities,” Denney said.



Denney believes truckers must unite and get involved in protests like these in order to send a message to lawmakers and the general public. “This is our God-given right as American citizens. This is one of the rights they haven’t taken yet,” he said.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to bring you the latest on these developing protests.



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