Rumors Swirling as Big Rig Blockade at U.S.-Canada Border Continues

Coutts, AB — A big rig blockade continues to keep a U.S.-Canada border crossing shut down as rumors on social media are swirling.

A convoy of big rigs is blocking both the northbound and southbound lanes of traffic along Highway 4, south of Lethbridge to the Coutts, AB/Sweetgrass, MT border.


Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first reported the ongoing situation on Sunday after protesters demanding an end to Canada’s COVID-19-related restrictions blocked the roadway on Saturday leading to a border shut down.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Corporal Curtis Peters has been on the scene and tells TNN the protest was estimated in excess of 100 commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on Saturday, but has since shrunk.

Initially, the RCMP said it would take a “measured” approach choosing not to issue citations or make arrests.


According to Corporal Peters, RCMP has since brought in “additional resources in the event we have to move into an enforcement phase.”

Speculation on social media ramped up on Monday with some claiming RCMP had deployed, or would soon deploy, a SWAT team and/or an armored vehicle.

Corporal Peters flatly denied those claims.

Additionally, protesters asked that food and beverage supplies be allowed safe passage without interference from the RCMP and that family and friends also be allowed to join the demonstration.

TNN was told the RCMP is allowing for the delivery of food, fuel and medical supplies, but no additional family and friends will be permitted to join the “unlawful” demonstration from this point forward.


Further, Corporal Peters said media reports which indicated protesters were blocking emergency lanes not allowing emergency vehicles to pass were untrue.

In fact, about a half dozen CMVs which had been stuck in the protest for quite some time were also able to “wiggle out” and be re-routed through the town of Coutts, Corporal Peters confirmed to TNN.

However, not before there were some “moments of tension,” he said.


It is unclear when the blockade will end though negotiations remain ongoing as of Monday night.

Making matters more challenging for negotiators, according to Corporal Peters, is that protesters’ demands are continuing to “evolve.”

Stay with for the latest on this developing story.

Cover Photo: Jake Zacharias/Facebook


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