SBTC Turning Up The Heat On NY Gov. After “Overzealous” Threats Against Truckers

Albany, New York – Less than a week after the president of the nationwide Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC), James Lamb, called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for making “overzealous” threats against truckers, the SBTC is now intensifying their efforts to turn up the heat on lawmakers in the state legislature.

In an email this week entitled, SBTC Issues Call To Action On New York Gov. Cuomo’s Insensitivity To Safe Truck Parking Shortage In New York State, the trade group urged its members to begin calling and emailing New York legislators “to express your outrage over Cuomo’s bullying of CMV drivers.”

“We have already set the stage and have contacted the Transportation Committees in the NY State Senate and Assembly and have voiced the SBTC’s concerns on behalf of our 15,000 members,” SBTC wrote.


In what Lamb described as “an overbearing abuse of authority,” the new call to action reiterates the group’s view that Governor Cuomo’s decision to impose a travel ban on truckers along certain Western NY highways “jeopardizes CMV drivers safety considering a lack of safe truck parking in the state.”

Citing a U.S. Dept. of Labor statistic that more than 600 interstate transportation workers have been murdered on the job in the past decade, SBTC argues a contributing factor to this is “due to CMV drivers having to park in unsafe locations.”

In a statement last week Lamb said, “While the governor of New York obviously meant well with this ban, he did not realize such a ban and restriction of movement places truckers in precarious situations and strands truckers in dangerous places that jeopardize their personal safety.”

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Additionally, Lamb claimed Cuomo did not have the authority to even issue such a ban. “Meddling with interstate commerce transcends the authority of the Governor of the state of New York or any state,” Lamb said.

The SBTC writes, “Please email and/or call the following state legislative officials and back us up advising you are a motor carrier and/or a CMV driver based in New York and you object to Governor Cuomo’s flagrant bullying tactics and wanton disregard for CMV drivers’ safety.”

Those the SBTC is imploring members to contact include: Rick Rodgers, Director of Transportation Policy; Tim Ragazzo, Policy Advisor for Ranking Member; Craig Swiecki, Clerk of Assembly Transportation Committee; and Jennifer Sherman, Legislative Director for McDonough’s Albany office.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow news on this story as it breaks.

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