Season 2 Of Truckerville Attracts A Big Opening Week Audience… Are You Missing This?

Truckerville, trucking’s newest hit show, is back for season 2! “Captain Greg,” host of Truckerville, tells us what viewers can expect in the upcoming season, answers some FAQs, and takes a look back at the most unforgettable moments from season 1.

Truckerville, a Transportation Nation Network original series show, is back and kicked off its second season last week. Since premiering in January 2017, Truckerville has gained a fan base throughout the U.S. and Canada among both truckers and the general public. However, the show is not just winning over North American audiences. Truckerville has viewers and fans already in more than 100 countries around the world.

Truckerville Is Gaining Fans Around The World

Greg Myhre hosts the show and says it’s gaining so many fans because it’s authentic. “Authenticity and respect for truckers and the trucking way of life is at the center of everything we do on Truckerville,” Myhre told Transportation Nation Network in an exclusive interview. “Taking viewers to places they’ve never been or maybe will never be able to go is a thrill for us. However, introducing viewers to remarkable truckers making a real difference in their families and communities is definitely the highlight of the show for me,” Myhre remarked.

Myhre says the show was created to entertain, but more importantly, to encourage pride in truckers for their contributions to society, and build respect from those in the general public who may have never considered how important truckers are. “Everyone involved with the production of Truckerville genuinely respects truckers for their sacrifices and the valuable contributions they make to our way of life, and I think that reality shines through in the show,” Myhre said.


Most Memorable Moments From Season 1

The first 12 episodes are catalogued into the first season and feature events like the Mid-America Trucking Show, the Walcott Trucker’s Jamboree, and the National Truck Driving Championships in a way that can only be described as “Truckerville-style.” Also in season one viewers got an inside look at the Guilty By Association Truck Show, Shell SuperRigs, and the return of big rig racing as Truckerville had an all-access pass into a Bandit Series race.

Perhaps the most memorable moment for fans of so far was sitting down with the “The Bandit” himself, Mr. Burt Reynolds. In one of his last known interviews before his untimely passing earlier this September, the Smokey and the Bandit legend gave Truckerville viewers a rare personal glimpse into his life and told us what he really thought about truckers. Myhre says one of the biggest questions fans ask him is “What was Burt Reynolds like?” Myhre says he was everything he hoped he would be and more. “I’ll never forget as our time with him was wrapping up and his motorcade was waiting to take him to a scheduled appearance, his staff members were beginning to get a bit restless. He quickly put everyone at ease and kindly said, ‘I’m glad to be here. Take all the time you need.’ I’ll never forget how he gave so graciously of his time to us and to the truckers he knew would be watching the show,” Myhre gratefully recalled.

Are You Really A Captain?

Fans of the show know Myhre as “Captain Greg.” No, he’s not an actual captain. Myhre says his title as “Captain of the Truckerville Road Crew” causes some who have not yet seen the show to wonder if he’s an actual captain. People also ask who is the Truckerville Road Crew? “Do we have to talk about those guys,” Myhre asked with a smirk. Myhre explained the Truckerville Road Crew is the production staff of the show… writers, producers, camera operators, etc. Myhre’s antagonistic relationship with the Truckerville Road Crew is an ongoing comical thread throughout the episodes. “Whether it was confronting one of my biggest fears by holding a python on the show, or pouring scorching hot wax all over me for a comedy bit, or throwing my back out literally sprinting around the ‘World’s Largest Truck Stop’ parking lot; these bright ideas usually come from the Road Crew,” Myhre joked.

Myhre says the Truckerville Road Crew is actually much bigger than just the show’s production team. He says he and everyone who works on the show considers all fans of the show a member of the Truckerville Road Crew. “Without the fans we couldn’t make it happen.”

What’s Ahead In Season 2

“We can’t wait for fans to check out season 2,” Myhre said. Episode one of season two features the new truckers advocacy group TruckerNation and gives viewers an inside look at how the group sprang up from the anti-electronic logging devices mandate movement. TruckerNation Communications Director, Andrea Marks, after watching the episode told Transportation Nation Network, “Opportunities to get our message out so effectively and beautifully produced don’t just roll by our door everyday. You all highlighted exactly want needed to be highlighted and brought our members voices to the forefront.” You can now watch this episode on-demand.

Other episodes in Season 2 will give viewers a never-before-seen look into trucking’s crucial role in delivering Wreaths Across America, a special tribute to the late Jim Johnston, founder of the Owner Operators Independent Driver’s Association; and introducing fans to truckers who are building awesome rigs and making great music. Plus, season 2 will have plenty of surprises for viewers so get ready! Make sure to become a member (it’s free) of Transportation Nation Network and SUBSCRIBE to Truckerville so you never miss an episode.

Buckle In And Let’s Get Rolling

At the beginning of each episode Captain Greg always tells the audience to “buckle in and let’s get rolling,” but Myhre says he’s not going anywhere, at least not any time soon. “I’ve been blessed to be a part of major radio, television, film and video game productions in my career, but I believe I’ve found a home in Truckerville,” Myhre said. That can only mean one thing for fans of Truckerville, you better “buckle in and let’s get rolling!”


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