Security Guard Shoots Trucker in Fight Over Reserved Parking Spot, Claims Self-Defense

Oklahoma City, OK – A truck stop security guard is claiming he acted in self-defense when he shot and critically injured a trucker on Friday morning over a parking dispute.

According to authorities, the incident took place at a Travel Centers of America (TA) truck stop near Interstate 40 and South Council Road at approximately 4:35 a.m.

During a press briefing following the altercation, Sgt. Brad Gilmore with the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD) said the security guard approached the trucker and asked him to move his tractor-trailer.

Gilmore said the trucker was parked in a reserved parking space which he had not paid for.


That’s when the trucker allegedly became angry and aggressive.

“A physical altercation took place. The security guard discharged his firearm,” Gilmore said.

Investigators say the security guard fired one round striking the trucker.

The trucker was transported to a nearby hospital in serious condition.

His condition has since been downgraded to critical, according to authorities.

Gilmore said detectives questioned the security guard and he claimed he feared for his safety.

“During that altercation, the guard discharged his firearm because he felt like he had to defend himself,” Gilmore stated.

No arrest was made.


However, Gilmore indicated detectives have yet to question the trucker and would not rule out possible charges being filed.

“It’s a case we’ll present to the district attorney at a later date to see if charges will be filed,” he said.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to monitor new developments.



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