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Semi And Passenger Bus On Terrifying Head-On Collision Course

Revelstoke, British Columbia – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) released a heart-stopping dash cam video on Friday with the purpose of sending a clear message to all motorists… “SLOW DOWN” and “Drive Safely.”

In a statement, Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky of the Revelstoke RCMP said in part, the RCMP “would like to remind all drivers that roadways are constructed for safe driving at the posted speed limit. All drivers are encouraged to slow down: drive the speed limit, (advisory or variable speed limits), and do their part to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely,” Grabinsky said.

The video was filmed by a dash cam aboard a passenger bus transporting 8 people. The bus was traveling eastbound on the Trans-Canada Highway at approximately 3 a.m. October 7th. While navigating at 65 mph on an undivided two lane portion of Hwy 1, a semi begins to approach the charter bus in the westbound lane… except the semi was in the eastbound lane.


As the semi approaches, the bus driver realizes he must take immediate evasive action to avert an almost certain fatal outcome. The bus driver is able to successfully avoid a head-on collision with the semi and bring the bus to a safe stop. The semi does sideswipe the bus, but thankfully only minor injuries were reported.

The RCMP praised the bus driver saying he, “in all likelihood saved many lives.” The RCMP said the determined cause of the accident was that the truck driver was driving at an excessive speed to safely navigate the turn and dangerously drifted into the westbound lane. For his part, the truck driver was issued a Provincial Motor Vehicle Act Violation Ticket.

Source: RCMP

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