Senator Calls Out Biden For Imposing Mandate on Truckers But Not Illegal Immigrants

Washington, D.C. — A United States senator is calling out President Joe Biden for enforcing a new mandate on cross-border truckers but not on those entering the country illegally.

In a Tweet on Monday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted the President accusing him of making the “supply chain crisis worse.”


“Biden has a new mandate for truckers coming legally,” Sen. Cotton wrote. “But illegal immigrants? No restrictions at all.”

Many truckers have made similar comments in recent days on Transportation Nation Network’s (TNN) social media platforms after the Biden Administration, on Saturday, January 22, began requiring foreign truckers seeking entry in the U.S. to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or be turned away.


Supply chain experts have warned and continue to warn the new restrictions will further stress an already beleaguered supply chain.

A long list of trucking industry groups vehemently oppose the measure.

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As an example, the largest group representing freight brokers, the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), warned late last week it would cause the supply chain crisis to become “drastically worse.”

“Americans are struggling with higher prices and scarce goods, at the grocery store, the gas pump, and diners across the country,” TIA President and CEO Anne Reinke stated. “One way to make this drastically worse overnight is to take tens of thousands of truck drivers and forbid them from entering the country, leaving countless amounts of essential freight at the doorstep of our country.”

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