SHOCK VIDEO: Box Truck Almost Kills Man In Bucket Working On Traffic Light

Houston, Texas – New video obtained by a local news outlet in Houston reveals a super close call for a man working on a traffic signal after being struck by a box truck.

ABC 13 obtained the video from freelance photographer Andrew Wolf whose dash cam captured the entire near-fatal accident. It happened Feb. 25 along Highway 90 and Pitts Road.

The shocking video shows a box truck traveling approximately 50 mph to the left of Wolf when it stuck a man who was standing in a construction bucket while attempting to work on the traffic signal.

The collision sent the worker flying upside down and left him suspended above the roadway. Wolf told ABC 13 the man dangled there in his safety harness for about 30 seconds before the rest of the crew lowered him down.


“You can see they ignored some safety rules,” Wolf was quoted as saying. “The road wasn’t blocked off. The truck wasn’t protecting anybody, but he was smart enough to put on a harness and helmet and that’s what saved his life.”

The driver of the box truck did not stop. Wolf said he immediately called 9-1-1 to report the incident.

Wolf described the accident as “the most epic and horrific thing I’ve seen.”

The worker is in stable condition. It is unclear if the driver of the truck will face any charges.

Watch the video below courtesy of ABC 13/Facebook.


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