Shocking Video Of Trucker And Wife Brutalized By Security Guards While Picking Up A Load, Then Arrested

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Olive Branch, Mississippi – An Ohio trucker and his wife suffered numerous injuries after a violent confrontation with security guards at a food distribution center in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

The truck driver was arrested on numerous charges, but not-so-fast… the entire altercation was all caught on video.

Surveillance cameras captured explosive video of the brutal confrontation between security personnel and the trucking couple. The fallout from what takes place in the video is enraging many truckers who view it.

The incident happened back on September 11, 2018, but truck driver Clinton Kirker only recently took to Facebook and YouTube to share the video and his side of the story in a lengthy post.



What Happened?

Kirker says he and his wife Shannon arrived to the Metro Foods distribution center to pick up a load. Upon arriving to the security gate, Kirker says he and his wife were asked to produce their identification. A few minutes later he says, “they told my wife to step out of the truck.”

Kirker then says, “They asked me to step out of the truck and open the hood and all the doors. Not really common, but it’s nothing really out of the ordinary.” Kirker complied with the guard’s instructions.

Little did Kirker know, things were about to take a serious violent turn.

Kirker writes, “As the guard and I were walking to the back of my truck to open the trailer door, he demanded I remove my four fingers from my pants pocket. Startled by the demand, I obliged. After opening the trailer door and hood, I started following him back to where my wife was standing. Because of habit and comfort, I unknowingly put my four fingers back in my pocket. Again, the guard demanded that I remove my hand from my pocket. A little aggravated of the demand, I told the security guard it is a comfort thing, and he is just going to have to deal with it.”


Kirker then explains that the guard told him that company policy was that people on the premises must keep their hands visible at all times and that if he [Kirker] was not willing to follow the rules then he [Kirker] would be asked to leave.

Kirker then writes, “Since we were never given a list of rules or agreed to them, I didn’t feel it was an acceptable request to comply with the security guard’s unlawful order.” As a result, Kirker says he and his wife agreed that the best thing for them to do was to leave.

Kirker then says he began walking back to his truck with the intention of grabbing his phone to call his company, but a guard stepped in front of him blocking his path. Kirker says he told the guard to move and the guard refused and told him [Kirker] that he wasn’t allowed to leave.

Kirker then says he attempted to walk around the guard and that’s when all hell broke loose. The guard pushes Kirker into his truck and Kirker responds by pushing back in “self-defense.” A melee ensued.


As Kirker and the guard scuffled, Kirker’s wife, Shannon, begins to come to the aid of her husband. More security guards then descend on the couple and violently begin attempting to subdue them.

As Shannon kicks and screams, numerous guards wrestle and fight with her. Numerous additional guards become violent with Kirker as he is on the ground struggling. One security guard even forcefully “knee drops” Kirker while he is on his stomach on the ground. Kirker said the force of the knee strike to the back of his neck and head caused him “to lose consciousness for about four to five seconds.”

The Police Arrive And Arrest Kirker

Kirker then says when the police arrived “the officers didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. They took me to their police department where I waited for seven to eight hours before I bailed myself out.” Kirker was in fact booked and charged with “Disorderly Conduct-Interfering With Business,” and “Assault.”

Shannon was not arrested nor charged with any offense. However, Kirker says his wife suffered “very large bruises on both her upper arms as well as several scrapes and bruises on other parts of her body and emotional distress.”


Kirker suffered “a black eye,” along with “a lump” behind his right ear and several other “scrapes and other bruises.”


Kirker says he suffered “a black eye,” along with “a lump” behind his right ear and several other “scrapes and other bruises.”

Kirker is furious about what happened to he and his wife and maintains the video proves the couple was “illegally detained without cause, assaulted and battered by the security guards.”

Kirker also says his company suspended him while they conducted their own investigation into the matter, but that the company ended up not canceling his contract.


Why Kirker Is Telling His Story

Now Kirker says he wants his side of the story known and the security guards to be brought to justice for their acts of what he believes was unwarranted aggression. “This whole event has literally cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and I want every party involved to be held accountable,” Kirker said.

Kirker also revealed the prosecutor in his case offered him a plea deal to admit to Disorderly Conduct and receive a $350 fine. Kirker said he refused the deal. He says he’s hoping by coming out and telling his side of the story that some “good old public pressure” will lead to the charges against him being dropped.

Kirker has now posted the surveillance video, affidavits in the case, and many pictures detailing the injuries the couple suffered. We have included this post below.



In the affidavits, security guards tell a different story about the events on the video. They claim the Kirker’s were the aggressors and had to be subdued by force.

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Video and post shared courtesy of Clinton Kirker/Facebook.


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