‘Significant Progress’ on Repairs to I-40 Bridge But Timetable For Reopening Remains Unclear

Memphis, TN – Repairs to the closed Hernando DeSoto Bridge connecting Arkansas and Tennessee are coming along and ahead of schedule.

According to Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) officials, phase one of a two phase repair process has been completed and phase two is already underway.


In an update provided on Monday, TDOT said the repair contractor is “making significant progress” and the broken beam has now been removed from the bridge.

The second phase consists of installing post-tensioning (PT) bars along the removed fractured section and then installing permanent repair plates.

Installation of PT bars has already begun and TDOT indicated work on this should be completed by Saturday, June 26.

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Additionally, fabrication of the permanent plates has also begun and delivery of the first plates can be expected next week, TDOT said.


The installation of the permanent plates is expected to take up to 15 days.

However, a timetable for the bridge’s reopening remains uncertain.

“In-depth inspections of the bridge continue,” TDOT stated. “If any issues are found during the repairs, it could affect the bridge’s opening date.”

TDOT has also released a 46-second video animation detailing the sequence of repairs.

WATCH it below.

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